Yet more books

This bookcase is known as ‘your Dad’s’ bookcase as it belonged to Jack’s parents. The books are a mixture of old ones I bought and some from the previous generations, some are school prizes from as far back as 1905.

Katrina's Books

There are a lot of old favourites here.

Katrina's Books

More of my bookshelves

Continuing a wee keek at some of my bookshelves.

I realised that this shelf which is in the sun room contains a couple of Rumer Goddens, but the rest are upstairs. When we moved house I swore I would sort out all my books alphabetically, but it isn’t happening, mainly because I have so many of them that I fit them in wherever I can, depending on height.

My Books

The shelf below ranges from Beverley Nichols to Nevil Shute, all favourites.

Katrina's Books