The Election

I’ve spent my time this week plodding around the place with Liberal Democrat leaflets – a lot of those letterboxes are lethal but amazingly I do still have all of my fingers and thumbs.

I didn’t expect the Lib Dems to win in Kirkcaldy, I doubt if it will ever be anything other than Labour and of course it is Gordon Brown’s constituency, but you’ve got to give it a try.

I’m disappointed beyond belief at the outcome of the Dunfermline and West Fife vote though. Duncan was an intern for the Lib Dem M.P. Willie Rennie there before getting his job at St Andrews. But he continued to help out at the constituency office in his spare time. What with Willie being a really great M.P. plus the surge in Lib Dem support recently, we really thought that Willie would be re-elected. They all worked their socks off too, but to no avail.

Apparently, on the day before the election it was noticeable that people who had been supporters were taking fright, mainly because of the tabloid newspapers reporting that it would be an outright win for the Conservatives.

Why they thought that they then had to ditch the Lib Dems and vote for Labour is a mystery to me. I hope they are all feeling thoroughly ashamed of themselves for voting in a complete stranger to the area, whose only interest is getting into the House of Commons.

So I’m feeling very fed up with the whole thing and the only thing that is cheering me up is that I know that some time in the near future they will regret voting him in. Hell mend them – as we say!

Too late for poor Willie Rennie though, and the workers in his constituency office who are now unemployed.

If I weren’t a bit of a lady – I’d spit.

And another thing. We had helicopters circling around our house for hours during the night, because we live near where the count was taking place. They were tracking Gordon Brown’s car as he left his house for the count. On T.V. all you could see was a black screen and a teeny wee dot of light, it was completely unnecessary, a terrible waste of fuel, and it must have woken people up. Not everyone feels the need to watch the election programmes.

Hung Parliament

I’ve been keeping off politics completely because it’s absolutely everywhere at the moment. I’m not a fan of Labour, new or otherwise and I’ve certainly never voted for them. In fact there isn’t much point in me using my vote as Gordon Brown is our constituency M.P. and this area is so steeped in Labour that they could put a monkey up for election under the Labour banner and it would still be elected.

But I’ve always used my vote, even in local council elections, thankful that some people in the past thought it was important enough to fight for.

So what with our great leader putting his foot well and truly in it today, and, by the way, she sounded like a bigot to me too – I’m beginning to worry that we won’t have a hung parliament. Let’s be sensible and call it what it really is – a coalition. It works well in other countries, like the Netherlands for instance. If that is what the people vote for, then that is what we should have.

The politicians should just be told to get on with it and make it work. They should be compelled to co-operate with each other, as adults should do.

My big worry now is that the Conservatives get power. Have people really forgotten what it was like the last time they ruled the roost. I certainly haven’t.

The jewel in our crown, the National Health Service, was so starved of money that people were dying on waiting lists. Obviously everything isn’t perfect now, it never can be because people are only human and yes you do get nasty, lazy nurses, they aren’t all angels.

I recently had to attend the physiotherapy department at a local hospital and I only had to wait a matter of hours after my doctor referred me to them. They phoned and gave me an appointment for the next day. When the Conservatives were last in government there was an 18 month waiting list at the same hospital for physiotherapy.

So I DREAD a Tory Boy take-over. Things will go to Hell in a handcart, in a flash.

The best thing that we can hope for is a coalition government, unless miracles really can happen and we have Nick Clegg as Prime Minister and a Liberal Democrat win.