EU Referendum

I swore that I wasn’t going to mention anything about the EU referendum here but that scunner of a man Michael Gove has annoyed me so much that I’m sticking my head up over the parapet.

I’m for staying IN Europe although I think that our position in it is far from perfect, but then what is perfect? Every country in the EU has their gripes over it and I really think that they will eventually have to curtail the freedom of movement within the EU and keep it only for people who have skills that are required.

So what enraged me about Michael Gove yesterday? It was the fact that he has dragged his elderly parents into the campaign and what they are saying is just completely WRONG. They are arguing that their family fish merchant business went down the drain in the 1970s due to Britain entering the EU. What rubbish!

As it happens my family had exactly the same business experience of being fish merchants (my grandfather and uncle) – my father had a fruit/veg/flower shop. They all went out of business in the late 1960s, before Britain entered the European Common Market and the reason they went out of business was the huge upsurge in supermarkets at that time.

As a ten year old I witnessed their conversations about being squeezed out of business due to not being able to compete with the supermarket prices. The same thing happened all over the country and small shops like theirs slowly gave up the struggle to compete with the supermarkets, it just wasn’t possible. Some hung on longer than others but as you know an independent food shop is a rarity in a British High Street nowadays and has been for a very long time.

So why is Michael Gove dragging his elderly father into the argument? Gove is quite a bit younger than I am, too young to know what was actually going on – whatever, it was nothing to do with EU fishing rules.

Never forget that Gove was one of the MPs who merrily charged us the British taxpayers for his family’s holidays at very expensive spa hotels and he also “flipped” his mortgage at our expense. If he had been anything close to being a gentleman he would have found a hole for himself and stayed down there, instead of carrying on regardless, like someone who has nothing to be ashamed of. If any of us had stolen like that we would of course have been banged up in jail.

I’m voting IN on the 23rd because I’m sensible enough to realise that you can’t turn the clock back and I know that we will be ‘done over’ by everyone when it comes to making separate trade deals. Even if the OUT vote wins we’ll still have to adhere to all the EU rules to be able to trade with those countries, and we’ll have absolutely no say in anything.

Working conditions will plummet and Gove and company will do what they really want which is to dismantle the welfare state. You can wave bye bye to the National Health Service, and that’s another piece of Brexit duplicity that’s enraging me – they speak as if this mythical £350 million would be given to the NHS. But they KNOW that that is a mythical and in fact just plain non-existent amount of money, and they also know that they intend to whittle away at the health service until that is non-existent too.

I blame David Cameron for this whole debacle, he should have had the guts to stand up to the more eccentric and bullying members of Parliament who howled for this referendum, because the very last thing that this country needs is more instability but that’s exactly what he has given us.

As for Boris Johnson – he’s just on a Boris for PM campaign and if that comes to pass there’s just no hope for any of us.

Michael Gove – again

This isn’t really what you would call a blogpost, if I were on Twitter I would tweet it but I’m not, so here goes!

I’ve always been a Monty Python fan and The Meaning of Life is on at the moment. Unfortunately it’s on a channel with adverts, which I hate, so between the adverts I switched over to BBC News 24 and what did I see shooting across the bottom of the screen?

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has warned teachers that if they go on strike on Thursday they risk damaging their reputations.

At this rate I’ll have to stop watching the news because I’m just about apoplectic. How can a man (and I use that word very loosely) who behaved as he has in the past even think of warning anybody about their reputation. Being an absolute swine seems to have done him no harm in life, maybe the rest of us have just been too damn decent for our own good!

Public Servants’ Pensions

I’ve just seen that absolute scunner Michael Gove – so called Education Minister – on TV. He was talking about the proposed teachers strike at the end of the week in England and Wales. Basically he was inciting parents to strike break and go into classrooms in place of teachers to keep them open. It doesn’t seem to hve occurred to him that they are unlikely to have any training in dealing with large numbers of young people and that most of them won’t have had a disclosure, which means that he is potentially allowing exceedingly dodgy characters access to other peoples’ children. Being a parent does not mean that you are automatically a good person.

Speaking of dodgy characters, in my opinion Michael Gove should be sitting in a prison cell at the moment as he was one of the worst MPs involved in the expenses scandal. He flipped his home and was gleefully getting the tax payer to pay for things which he had no right to do. Very interestingly he was keen to give our Prime Minister’s mother-in-law’s shop the business. Also he was quite happy to take his family off to a high class spa and chalked the whole thing up on expenses to be paid by the tax payer. How he can sit and pontificate on the rights of people who work so much harder than he does for so little pay is just beyond me. The man has no shame obviously.

The government seems to think that all teachers and local government workers, including people on very low pay, should quite happily agree to having to work a lot longer for much less of a pension. Apparently, it’s our fault because we are all living longer and the pensions are no longer affordable. That just makes me scream, I don’t know about you but I know absolutely loads of people who have died recently and most of them weren’t lucky enough even to reach pension age as it is now. It may be that people living in the affluent south of England are living longer but in the north things are very different. It’s because of a combination of genetics, poverty and the cold, damp climate.

Would it not be sensible to concentrate on the unemployment problem. If there were more people in work and paying tax and fewer people on unemployment benefit then that would go a long way to solving the problem of a black hole in the pension budget. At the moment, people are being educated only to end up in a dole queue, no matter how many degrees they have.

Better still, the government should tell the banks, who let’s not forget started this whole problem with their stupidity and greed, to stump up money to plug the hole instead of awarding themselves massive tax-free bonuses.

Please take a look at this link, from the Daily Telegraph, but be warned, you may need a sick bag/high blood pressure tablets!