Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist

The first library that I worked in was built with money donated by Andrew Carnegie who was born in this teeny wee cottage in Dunfermline, Fife which is about 12 miles from where I live. This was originally two cottages, I think he was born in the right hand one.

Andrew Carnegie's birhplace

He made shed-loads of money in America, mainly from steel originally. As he thought that education was so important he set about providing libraries so that poor people could get their hands on books and improve themselves if they had a mind to.

Naturally, the very first place that he wanted to splash his cash was his home town. (Look how well I’m doing folks.)

So Dunfermline has the very first Carnegie Library and I visited it for the first time during the Easter holidays. Actually, it’s a really lovely building, especially inside, much nicer than the one that I worked in.

I wasn’t supposed to be borrowing any books as I have so many in my TBR pile at the moment, but I ended up borrowing the Daphne du Maurier – Rule Britannia and requesting Susan Hill’s – Howards End is on the Landing. There’s a waiting list, I’m fourth on it. I’ll definitely have to set aside more reading time.