Red sky at night – in Fife, Scotland

Fife evening sky

We’ve had some terrible weather this July, torrential rain lasting for ages, but we have also had some wonderful sunsets and cloud formations during our long summer gloamings.

Fife sky, evening sky, Scotland

I knew that we would have to pay for all that glorious weather we had in May – in the shape of poor June and July weather. I hope things become more settled in August, it probably will be better just as the schools begin to go back (however they’ve decided to do it) because that’s normally what happens, not that there’s anything normal about 2020.

Fife sky,sunset, Scotland

Red Sky at Night in Fife, Scotland

red sky 6

On Monday night we had a gorgeous red sky as the sun set, the trees almost look as if they are on fire.

red sky 7

Red sky at night
Shepherds’ delight

red sky 3

Red sky in the morning
Sailors’ warning

Thanfully we haven’t had any red skies in the morning recently – or if we have, I haven’t been up early enough to see it!

Sunset at Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy, Fife

When Jack got home from work last Tuesday night he said: there’s a fantastic sky out there – so we shot out with the camera to see what we could capture.

trees at sunset, first

For some reason the sky looked even redder behind the trees, but the shapes of trees on their own are lovely. I’m fairly sure these are cherry trees, they’re the first to lose all of their leaves anyway.

trees third

The boating pond again, with the trees on the island on the left hand side. As you can see there are some birds on the pond but as ever they’re too shy to show their heads, they always duck down just as I snap them.

Boating pond

Red sky at night – shepherds’ delight and all that – well it delighted me anyway.

Beveridge park second