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There was another mad withdrawn library book sale at the Adam Smith Theatre today. Surely they will have to re-think the book buying policy soon. There are so many cuts going on in other council departments, especially education. Anyway, I shouldn’t really complain as I bought another 5 fiction books plus a pasta cookery book.

I’ve only read 2 of the books that I bought in last month’s sale though, so the TBR pile is growing at an alarming rate.

This month, I couldn’t say no to:

Not the End of the World – Kate Atkinson
The Shipping News – Annie Proulx
Life Class – Pat Barker
April Lady – Georgette Heyer
The Popular Girl – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

No doubt I’ll get around to reading them at some point. At the moment I’m reading Vanity Fair, it’s a very old copy from the second-hand book shop. Unfortunately I didn’t realise how long it is when I started it. It dawned on me as I was turning the pages that they are nearly bible thin and there are 883 pages of them.

I could be some time.

2 thoughts on “Library Book Sale

  1. Is that a new Kate Atkinson? It doesn’t ring a bell. I only recently discovered her and am torn between gobbling them all at once and nibbling slowly to make them last.

    • Not the End of the World was published in 2002 and I’ve just read the blurb and realised that it is a collection of short stories. It’s a timely meditation on mythology and transformation – apparently – could be a bit strange. I read When Will There Be Good News (2008) which should come with a health warning on it. Depressing.

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