Wimbledon, Andy Murray

I’ve just been watching Andy Murray getting through to the next round of Wimbledon and as usual it was an exciting but stressful match. I’m quite proud of myself for being able to sit through it all though because there have been times in the past when I couldn’t stand the tension and had to take myself off into the garden.

There are still too many miserable people who refuse to support him though. Shame on them. Their excuses are so feeble too.

He’s too grumpy and he never smiles
, apparently. But the one that really gets me is – His hair is a bit red!

His hair is dark brown and I think anyone who thinks it’s a bit red must be colour blind. In common with all Europeans his hair has tiny bits of red in it which show up in very bright light, but if he’s supposed to be a redhead, then so is everyone else. Being prejudiced against redheads is the only prejudice which hasn’t been made illegal. If you say anything nasty about the colour of a person’s skin rather than their hair colour you will obviously find yourself in deep trouble. The same goes for nationality.

So what all these people who claim that they don’t like Andy Murray because his hair is a bit red are really saying is that they don’t like him because he’s a big bit Scottish!

It’s a bit much really because we were all supporting Tim Henman and any other British/English tennis players for years, and let’s face it, most of the time Tim was a big bit rubbish.

Gon yersel’ Andy!

7 thoughts on “Wimbledon, Andy Murray

  1. What strange reasons for not liking Murray! I think it would be great if he won this year. As much as I like them I am a bit bored of Nadal and Federer winning all the time. And, please God, don’t let Djokovic win! I’d much rather see Murray with the win than Djokovic. Any favorites on the women’s side?

    • Anbolyn and Judith,
      People are strange! I like Murray because he can be a real fighter and drags himself out of a bad situation. It’s like he has a split personality though (is he a Gemini too?) because sometimes he looks like he isn’t trying, his heart isn’t in it. I’m fed up with Nadal and Federer too, it’s time for someone new. Anbolyn, Djokovic won tonight but I don’t think he’ll go much further.

      I was supporting the two British women Laura Robson and Elena Baltacha but they are out and so is Kimiko Date-Krumm, I was supporting her because she’s 40 and tiny compared with most of the other ladies at just 5’4″ (I’m 5’3″). I don’t know who to support now. I have to say I prefer men’s tennis. What has happened to all the American men – where are they?

  2. Of all the ridiculous reasons to dislike a gifted athlete!! People can be…well, let’s face it…just plain stupid.

    I like Andy’s guts and gumption. I admire him, and I must say I admire the other top men’s players as well.

    Although I have a number of men’s favorites, right now I don’t have any women’s favorites, though I enjoy watching the women play. I guess I’m not emotionally invested in them.

  3. I always think Andy Murray makes hard work of it sometimes.

    It has been some years since I have been to SW19, and I miss the atmosphere but I am not sure about the tennis!

    It would be great if he won, but I really think he has to pull something out of the bag, as I think he will have to meet Nadal in the Semis to be even in with a chance.

    As for women’s tennis this year, I was put off once the Williams sisters started complaining about not being on the show courts! Pardon us all I am sure Miss’ Williams.

    • Jo,
      Yes, he always does it the hard way, it drives me mad really, but at least he’s getting there. I think he’ll win Wimbledon next year as that’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the way Virginia Wade won it in the Silver Jubilee year, I live in hope anyway, it would be nice to get a change at the top.

      I heard one of the Williams sisters moaning about that on the radio, completely ignoring the fact that she isn’t a top seed at the moment. Top ego though!

  4. Every time there is an article about Andy Murray – and during Wimbers I read online newspapers a lot – the negative and downright unpleasant comments from some people never fail to amaze me. Not sure that I warm much to Nadal’s character, not sure he is as nice as people say he is, and I think the Fed is a tad too pleased with himself BUT then It hink, hey they are entitled with what they have achieved.

    But this constant nastiness towards AM is simply ludicrous

    • Elaine,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m not keen on Nadal and it looks to me as if he is getting his excuse in early, complaining about a foot injury. I wish he would wear different shorts/underwear, I’m just glad that I don’t have to shake his hand! I thought Fed was fine until I saw him arrive on court, all in gold and looking a complete twit.

      Murray seems to be the only one who has a bit of a personality at the moment. I think it was a shame that they were so horrible to him, esp. when he was younger. Hopefully he just doesn’t read it all now.


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