The Davis Cup

For various reasons I didn’t get a chance to watch as much of Wimbledon on TV this year as I usually do, for instance we had to travel to Glasgow during one Andy Murray match, and before I knew what was happening – he was out of it. Who expected that? Not me anyway and not the anonymous idiot who bet £50,000 on him to win the tournament.

So today I was glad to be watching Murray playing against Gilles Simon in the Davis Cup. It’s rarely a relaxing pastime watching him play, in fact I reckon it’s not good for the NHS coffers, I’m sure that the Accident and Emergency units must fill up with heart patients.

After much stress (for me anyway) he won, making this the first British team to get so far in the tournament since 1981, which was obviously before he was born.

All very well and good, he was playing for team GB, so why did Sue Barker say in the post match chat that it was going to be great in the next round – England versus Australia. The woman on ITV news the previous evening also called the team England too despite the doubles players being two Scottish brothers – not to mention the coach.

Really they should know better, England is not an acceptable substitute for Great Britain. It’s even worse than those times in the past which I thought we had left behind, when successful people were described as being British, but if they lost they were called Scottish. I wonder how many complaints the BBC had about it? I didn’t bother. I’m fairly sure though that early on in the match some parts of the crowd were chanting England, England. It’s just completely ignorant.

If this had happened the night before the Independence Referendum it would have guaranteed a “YES” vote!

Andy Murray – Wimbledon Champion

Andy Murray with Wimbledon Trophy

I haven’t actually watched the Wimbledon final yet, purely because I couldn’t stand the stress. I watched the first set, which had been going so well, then he started to fall apart a bit and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand it, so I took myself out to the garden, luckily it was a perfect day for reading outside.

Jack was much braver and watched the whole thing and I trotted in and out a few times to see how things were going. But each time I did that – Andy lost the point, so I knew I was jinxing him!

It was when I heard screams coming from a house in the next street and chants of ‘Andy, Andy’ that I knew he had won and it was safe to go in again. I could just about skelp Andy’s legs for overlooking his mum in the kiss and hugfest celebration though!

I photographed the television pictures of his celebrations.

Trophy Raised

I’m going to watch the highlights tonight and I’m thinking that if Andy is going to go back to Dunblane to celebrate, I just might have to go too.

Andy Murray wins – hurrah!

Well he has done it – at last. Unfortunately it was at the US Open so I didn’t actually see the match, not having whichever network was showing it from Flushing Meadows. Maybe that’s just as well as in the past I’ve had to leave the room, the stress just being too much to bear.

I love this post match interview with Andy though. It’s about 2 minutes into it before he smiles. You could be forgiven for thinking that he had lost the match, his words just don’t match his face. It looks like he wants to cut his throat, he’s the ‘dour Scot’ personified! It’s a scream.

I can’t make up my mind, is it for real or is he just playing that role for the cameras?

Wimbledon and Andy Murray

You might be under the impression that I didn’t watch Wimbledon this year because I haven’t mentioned it, but I did watch it of course, it’s just that I didn’t want to say anything about it in case it jinxed Andy Murray.

Last year I predicted that he would win Wimbledon this year as it is the Queen’s diamond jubilee year and Virginia Wade had won the ladies’ title in the silver jubilee year.

I was just beginning to wish that I had put a bet on Andy to win, when it all went horribly wrong. I know that he thanked the spectators for giving him such great support but I wasn’t so impressed. I couldn’t believe how quiet they were being and they really didn’t start getting behind him until he was losing. They should’ve been yelling at every point that he won from the very beginning. I think to begin with the crowd may just have been too stressed out and tense.

As it happens, I couldn’t even watch the whole match. I went out for a walk to get away from the TV and the whole area was deathly silent. By the time I got back the roof was being rolled out and from then on it was only going to end one way. Federer is just too good indoors.

There’s always next year I suppose, but by then he’ll have won a grand slam, surely!

Andy Murray’s Hair Colour

I deliberately didn’t mention Andy Murray and his progress at the Australian Tennis Open in case I jinxed his chances. When he’s in the news I always have a lot of hits on ‘Pining’ because people have googled Andy Murray’s hair colour.

It’s still a mystery to me why anyone should be bothered about the colour of anybody’s hair, but there you go – they are for some reason. People seem to think that his hair might be regarded as being red, and maybe I’m being a wee bit paranoid here, but I don’t think the possibility of him having red hair is being seen as a plus. I think there are still a lot of people out there looking for reasons to dislike him.

So, again for the record – Andy Murray has brown hair, in fact it’s really dark brown hair. Like all Europeans with brown hair the tiny amount of red hairs show up in the sunshine, but that doesn’t mean that their hair is red. It’s the difference between European and Asiatic hair.

Maybe if he did have red hair he would win a tennis major! I certainly regard it as a positive rather than a liability. Discuss!

Wimbledon and Andy Murray – no more

Rats! – or words to that effect. That’s Andy Murray knocked out of Wimbledon again. There were times when I couldn’t bear to watch the match as usual, so when it got too tense I turned my attention to The Guardian cryptic crossword and had no luck there either. I don’t think I’m very good at the compiler called Boatman. I prefer Araucaria or Chifonie or even Paul.

I hadn’t really expected Andy to win because I just have this feeling that he’ll win Wimbledon next year and brother Jamie will take the doubles title too. It would be great if they could do it because 2012 is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration year (60 years on the throne) and Virginia Wade managed to win in her Silver Jubilee year. I suppose it’s too much like cloud cuckoo land to hope that there could be a British female winner next year too. Well, I can dream.

So, who am I going to be supporting for the final on Sunday? I haven’t got a clue. I’ll probably just watch out of interest, it means no stress I suppose. I do know that I came quite close to actually hating Nadal today. In the beginning when he was losing he had an arrogant look on his face which seemed to say – How dare he try to beat me! Psychologically I suppose that’s how you win though. Maybe Andy should practice arrogant looks in his mirror!

Wimbledon, Andy Murray

I’ve just been watching Andy Murray getting through to the next round of Wimbledon and as usual it was an exciting but stressful match. I’m quite proud of myself for being able to sit through it all though because there have been times in the past when I couldn’t stand the tension and had to take myself off into the garden.

There are still too many miserable people who refuse to support him though. Shame on them. Their excuses are so feeble too.

He’s too grumpy and he never smiles
, apparently. But the one that really gets me is – His hair is a bit red!

His hair is dark brown and I think anyone who thinks it’s a bit red must be colour blind. In common with all Europeans his hair has tiny bits of red in it which show up in very bright light, but if he’s supposed to be a redhead, then so is everyone else. Being prejudiced against redheads is the only prejudice which hasn’t been made illegal. If you say anything nasty about the colour of a person’s skin rather than their hair colour you will obviously find yourself in deep trouble. The same goes for nationality.

So what all these people who claim that they don’t like Andy Murray because his hair is a bit red are really saying is that they don’t like him because he’s a big bit Scottish!

It’s a bit much really because we were all supporting Tim Henman and any other British/English tennis players for years, and let’s face it, most of the time Tim was a big bit rubbish.

Gon yersel’ Andy!