Andy Murray’s Hair Colour

I deliberately didn’t mention Andy Murray and his progress at the Australian Tennis Open in case I jinxed his chances. When he’s in the news I always have a lot of hits on ‘Pining’ because people have googled Andy Murray’s hair colour.

It’s still a mystery to me why anyone should be bothered about the colour of anybody’s hair, but there you go – they are for some reason. People seem to think that his hair might be regarded as being red, and maybe I’m being a wee bit paranoid here, but I don’t think the possibility of him having red hair is being seen as a plus. I think there are still a lot of people out there looking for reasons to dislike him.

So, again for the record – Andy Murray has brown hair, in fact it’s really dark brown hair. Like all Europeans with brown hair the tiny amount of red hairs show up in the sunshine, but that doesn’t mean that their hair is red. It’s the difference between European and Asiatic hair.

Maybe if he did have red hair he would win a tennis major! I certainly regard it as a positive rather than a liability. Discuss!

6 thoughts on “Andy Murray’s Hair Colour

  1. The best thing I heard about Any Murray was when Fiona Bruce on the 6o’clock news on Friday said “and find out how Murray got on and see if he is in the final”. The news does not need cliffhangers to attract attention and possible viewers! Any sane British person would know that he will no doubt be the underdog for a longtime to come.

    As for the colour of his hair….

    • Jo,
      I didn’t hear that news on Friday but they’re always saying things like that, sometimes it’s like watching news for 3 year olds, especially when they have daft CBeeby graphics for serious subjects. You’d think that they would be happy that there is a Brit who plays really well now.

  2. What does the colour of his hair have to do with anything! I’m dyed blonde but once not that many years ago had it coloured pink and purple too! Does that make me a punk or whatever the expression is these days? I was just the same person I ever was! There are those who like and those who dislike Andy Murray for whatever reasons, but as to the colour of his hair being one – now that is plain stupid!!!

    • Evee,
      It’s amazing how many people pick on a daft thing like hair colour to get at people, even advertisers on TV. Red haired kids are still bullied at school as it’s the one prejudice bullies can get away with. If they pick on skin colour instead they are suspended pronto! I did hear of a brunette who went blonde and only lasted one week as a blonde because she hated the way people treated her – very strange all round!

  3. I’m American, and I’m a fan of Andy Murray’s. I do see his hair as being somewhat reddish. Perhaps his hair was redder when he was a child, and now it is AUBURN. A rich chestnut, perhaps.

    Hair color aside, what really interested me was his match with Djocovic! Andy very nearly won the blasted match, and having his new coach Ivan Lendel by his side is certainly helping him. What a difference from his US Open appearance.

    Andy is going to win a Grand Slam soon!

    Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

    • Judith,
      It’s great to hear from you again, I’m sure you’ve been busy with all your teaching, I’ve been thinking about you, wondering if you have much snow now.

      Poor Andy always seems to lose to the person who eventually wins the tournaments, surely he will win a Grand Slam one day soon. As for his hair colour, in Scotland he would definitely be described as having brown hair but in strong Australian or American sunlight the red bits will show up more, but all brunettes have them!

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