Scottish Spring Garden

These are just a few photographs which I took in my garden last week and although things have moved on quite a bit since then, apart from the weeds and grass growing like crazy because of all the rain we’ve had, I thought I’d show them anyway.

Heuchera and a lily growing up through it.


As you can see I’ve got a good crop of moss here, apart from the fritillaries. These ones self-seed but the white version seems to have disappeared.


This is a right fankle (tangle) of shrubs and trees, I always overplant areas because I want to squeeze in as many as I can. I was actually trying to photograph the vinca (periwinkle) because it’s a gorgeous shade of blue but you can hardly see it at all.

Holly, flowering currant and cedrus glauca Atlantica

This is actually a tub containing a pieris forest flame and an azalea along with some things which have invited themselves to the party via self-seeding.


The weather forecasters are promising us ground frost overnight and I won’t be surprised if we get it because the wind at the moment is positively Baltic. So much for it being May!

12 thoughts on “Scottish Spring Garden

    • Lisa,
      Poor you, I honestly don’t know how you can stand heat like that. I think about 80F is the most I’ve ever experienced, and that was bad enough!

  1. Lovely, Katrina. I am in Maryland this week and the weather has been delightful for sitting on my son’s deck and watching the sunset and the deer come out to graze a little. We have had storms roll by around us and never get here so the distant lightning and roll of thunder is fun too. Not much has bloomed at home yet started too and we had several days of down below freezing and killed off all the blooms:(

    • Peggy Ann,
      Maryland sounds lovely and of course I can picture you at your son’s house. I love thunder and lightning, especially if it’s far enough away that you don’t get the rain with it. It’s sickening when you wait so long for things to flower and then the cold weather kills them overnight.

  2. Don’t you love those fritillaria meleagris? I cannot believe that there’s really a checkered flower! How does it do that?! I planted them in the damp lawn in MA.

    And I love your tub of azalea and pieris Forest Flame. I could do that on my patio, but one more tub and there wouldn’t be any room to sit!

    • Joan,
      I agree about the fritillaries, I actually saw a print of a watercolour by Charles Rennie Mackintosh of a fritillary before I saw the real flower, so I was thrilled when I got some and they looked exactly like his print. I bought a framed print along with his hamamelis mollis print and I have them on our staircase walls.
      I really hope you can get a bit of a garden next time you move.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your garden is flourishing just when everything here is dying. It’s too hot for anything to survive, really. I look forward to the time when I can buy a house and have my own little plot for a garden.

    • Anbolyn,
      I can’t believe how hot it is where you are – and it’s only May, poor you. I hope you can get a house and garden. I only lived in a flat for a few years but I couldn’t do it now as the first thing I do in the morning is go out and have a look at the garden, whilst the kettle boils, it cheers me up – as long as it isn’t raining.

  4. I love your heuchera. I have a wee collection of them in several varities.

    Your garden looks lovely! I have to get out and do something in mine! I got 20 bags of topsoil the other day to fill up the raised beds!

    • Evee,
      For once I’m not planning anything new in the garden, there doesn’t seem to be any point in doing more than keeping it tidy if we’re going to be going elsewhere. We’re still in limbo, not knowing if Jack can retire or not. Maybe we could gather some heuchera seeds and do a swap, mine are just about to flower now.

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