Scottish Spring Garden

Early April Garden

I took the photo above a couple of days ago when the weather was quite good. It’s of the rockery area outside my kitchen window. I plan to cover all of the earth with pebbles, in the hope of stopping too many weeds from germinating.

As you can see there’s quite a bit of colour in it at the moment, primulas, miniature daffodils, narcissus and the red flowers are dwarf tulips, they’re a nice splash of colour but the flower head is almost normal tulip size, it’s just the stem which is dwarfed, I’m not too sure if I like the effect.

Today it has rained most of the day and it seems like our weather is dipping back into winter instead of springing forward. I went out without having boots on for the first time this year, just an experiment which I won’t repeat soon as my ankles were freezing. I hope the weather warms up soon.

Scottish Garden in spring


This is a photo of the apple blossom in my garden. I have a couple of other apple trees which I planted but although they are quite tall they can’t be mature enough to flower yet, so no apples from those ones this year.


The few days of warm weather which we had last week fairly brought the flowers on, these fritillaries are favourites of mine. They look like they’ve been painted by a fairy. The white flowers next to them are a type of viburnum.


I’m wondering if these tulips will reappear next year or if they will do what they used to do in my old garden and appear for one year only. Apart from the couple which I didn’t plant which came up every year of the 26 years we lived there.


Doronicum, well I think that’s what they are but I’m not brilliant with perennials, I’ll have to check my plant labels. Whatever, these yellow flowers which I planted last summer were in flower for months so I was surprised that they flowered again so early in the season. It’ll be interesting to see how long they last.


The ferns in the nearby woodland are just beginning to unfurl. I can almost hear them stretching up to the light.


That’s just some of the things which are flowering in my garden now and it’s a cruel fact of life that after I took these photos the wind changed direction and came straight at us from the Arctic, we even had a few snow flurries. I might shiver in the wind but so far the plants are standing up well!

Scottish Spring Garden

These are just a few photographs which I took in my garden last week and although things have moved on quite a bit since then, apart from the weeds and grass growing like crazy because of all the rain we’ve had, I thought I’d show them anyway.

Heuchera and a lily growing up through it.


As you can see I’ve got a good crop of moss here, apart from the fritillaries. These ones self-seed but the white version seems to have disappeared.


This is a right fankle (tangle) of shrubs and trees, I always overplant areas because I want to squeeze in as many as I can. I was actually trying to photograph the vinca (periwinkle) because it’s a gorgeous shade of blue but you can hardly see it at all.

Holly, flowering currant and cedrus glauca Atlantica

This is actually a tub containing a pieris forest flame and an azalea along with some things which have invited themselves to the party via self-seeding.


The weather forecasters are promising us ground frost overnight and I won’t be surprised if we get it because the wind at the moment is positively Baltic. So much for it being May!