20 thoughts on “The Closing Ceremony

    • Margaret,
      We did do well, surprisingly! Jack has watched a lot of it and I ended up watching more than I meant to. It’s a shame about the flame cauldron thing, I think they should have used it somewhere, they could even have converted it to a fountain.

  1. Congratulations on all the British medals won! The equestrians were breath-taking. My husband pointed out that a smaller country like Great Britain, having fewer athletes to draw on, won, proportionately, a truly impressive number of medals compared to huge countries like the US, China, and Russia. Well done!

    • Joan,
      We did win an awful lot more than I expected and a lot of the winners were from Scotlnd or the north of England. I was wondering what you thought of the dressage and horse-jumping. I can’t imagine how anyone can train a horse to do that trotting on the spot thing! The horses did look gorgeous.

  2. Congratulations to a wonderful Summer Olympics in London. The atmosphere seemed electric even on TV. My friends are going on a Thames Walk in Sept. and I’m so jealous. Good job Great Britain.

    • Lorraine,
      There did seem to be a great atmosphere. I’ve never heard of anyone going on a Thames Walk before, it sounds interesting. I’d like to walk Hadrian’s Wall in the future.

      • You would like my book group. Jan walked Hadrian’s Wall(well part I think) at 75 yrs. old all geared up in hiking boots. Two years later, she went to Alaska for the Iditerod. I think the ladies will walk PARTS of the Thames from London to Oxford. Asked them to pick me up a postcard at Blackwell’s. This year was the most I ever watched the Olympics–and after being glued to the TV for the Tour de France!

  3. After watching hour after hour of sport for 2 weeks, we were looking forward to the closing ceremonies but our cable provider chose last night to ‘…experience major outages…” I was livid…still am, a little. Such a disappointment. Maybe I can find it on youtube…

    • Pearl,
      What a shame, I hope there will be at least some of it on youtube. It was so crazy even we were a bit puzzled at times – Why was Neil Tennant dressed like a warlock for instance? They managed to include iconic but dead Brits like John Lennon and Freddie Mercury, a nice touch I thought.

      • We got to see most of it after all — picked up a replay after the cable came back up (around midnight) and recorded it. Watched last night. It was quite a glorious chaos. And while I agree that some artists should learn how to retire graciously, I enjoyed hearing some familiar tunes sung by the ‘young-uns’.

        Eric Idle was -as ever -a stitch. The tribute to Freddie was both inspired and appropriate.

        Can’t get the spectre of Annie Lennox (black) swanning about in that galleon though. Nightmare fodder for days, I imagine…

        • Pearl,
          I saw interview with Annie Lennox on TV years ago and it put me right off her. If she was chocolate she would eat herself! I suspect it was something else that she was on which made her so up herself, she doesn’t seem to have improved.

  4. I missed them, sadly! I worked all day yesterday and when I got home I just wanted a hot bath and my bed (it was very busy). And I forgot to set my DVR to record it. Maybe I can catch some highlights online!

  5. I agree with Hazel Irvine – magnificently bonkers indeed! Why was Annie Lennox in a galleon anyway? Loved the Freddie Mercury tribute, and thought the John Lennon profile quite amazing.

    • Forgot to say I thought our Brits did magnificently well throughout the games! We’ve got a pillar box painted gold in Peebles too! I’ve been away so haven’t seen it yet, though it’s just along the street from my place!

        • One of the equestrians, Scott Brash, was born in Peebles. No idea if he still lives here, though I know there are definitely Brash’s in the town! Yes, I have a photo of the box! I think I’ll put it on my blog tonight!

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