St Andrew’s Day in Scotland

I’ve always thought of it as quite a healthy thing that people in Scotland really don’t do anything to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. I can understand that if you are a Scot but you aren’t lucky enough to be living in Scotland then you would want to do something to mark the day. Scots always become much more Scottish when they aren’t in Scotland, have a look here if you want to see some news about up and coming events and Scottish music, recipes, pipers, Alex Salmond and the like.

The year 2014 is apparently a Homecoming year, when people of Scottish descent are encouraged to visit Scotland, this is a fairly new concept I think there has just been one previous Homecoming year. I find it a wee bit strange as I think people should be encouraged to visit Scotland any time.

Anyway, it was a quiet day in Kirkcaldy, no doubt there were ceilidhs in Dubai!

10 thoughts on “St Andrew’s Day in Scotland

  1. Our choir is joining with Edinburgh Gaelic Choir, Stirling Gaelic Choir and the kids of Tollcross school Gaelic choir in Scotland Sings at the Museum in Chambers Street, Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon Saturday 1st Dec. 2.30 part of the StAndrew’s Day weekend!

    • Evee,
      It sounds like you’ll be having fun then and it’s always very busy there so you’ll have a good audience. I think we’ll be in St Andrews if the weather is fine.

  2. I wish I’d realised yesterday that it was St Andrew’s Day when I published my post on Scottish history!!

    I don’t have any Scottish ancestry (at least I haven’t found any so far in my family history – just Welsh and English), but my husband does. We do intend to go to Banff where his 5th great grandfather on his mother’s side came from – just haven’t managed it yet.

    • Margaret,
      You must have known somehow, dig deep enough and I bet you find some Scottish blood! You’re getting around quite a lot of Scotland anyway. We’ve not even been to Banff yet but I bet Evee knows it well, we must start travelling north instead of south all the time.

      • I don’t know that corner too well at all, I’m afraid, but I had ancestors in Portknockie on the coast, and I’ve been there a couple of times.

        • Evee,
          Well, you’re doing better than me. I seem to have known about Banff forever because as a child I knew a man who missed it so much that he was always talking about Banff and how beautiful it was.

  3. Never crossed my mind. Ever. We do recognize Robbie Burns, though, with a dinner in January. At least the Caledonian Society does. But Hawaii has a rich Scottish heritage, what with Archibald Cleghorn and Princess Likelike and his daughter Princess Kaiulani and all…

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