Winter Park in Fife, Scotland

I thought I would take some photos of Beveridge Park in the winter, although it has been a very mild one so far so no spectacular snow or frozen fountains this time. The photo above is of the cottage which is just inside the main gate. I think the head park keeper used to live in it but nowdays it’s used for offices.

There is actually a thin layer of ice over the top of the pond in this one, but it must have been warmer at the other end of the pond as it was ice free. The ice was a surprise to me because it didn’t feel cold at all, there was no wind for once and it’s the wind which makes you feel the cold, it goes through your bones. The pond birds don’t seem to notice the weather though.

There was some kind of stand off between the swans and geese as you can see, we didn’t fancy getting involved in it so we detoured around them onto another path – I know, cowardly but those swans are big beasts.

The tree above is always the first one to flower,I still have no idea what it is, it’s too early for cherry obviously, maybe almond though.

As you can see there was still some frost on the grass. The trees have taken a bit of a bashing from the wind this winter and the park workers have been kept busy clearing up the broken branches, but they still look good, and I suppose it’s natural pruning which won’t do them any harm, might even encourage new growth.

The three cygnets from last year are turning to white now, they are about half way there and in the spring they’ll fly off elsewhere. I think two of them have already been moved to another pond or loch, they have disappeared anyway.

And as you can see that adult swan is still keeping a close eye on the geese. The park has quite a good population of birds, apart from the normal gulls and rooks there are also moorhens and various types of ducks and even a pare of herons. The oyster catchers and curlews are usually poking away at the grass, obviously finding something to eat but I don’t know what.

I hope you enjoyed a wee tour around a winter park in Fife.

13 thoughts on “Winter Park in Fife, Scotland

  1. There is something wintery about these photos, even without the snow and thick ice.

    I love the cottage, could quite happily work there or even live in it!!

    • Jo,
      It is a lovely cottage and I would happily live in it too. There is a duplicate one in another part of the park but it has roller shutters on all the doors and windows and is just sad and unused, such a shame.

  2. Always fun to take a walk with you! Such a lovely place.

    Those swans can be intimidating. They’re huge! But they’re beautiful.

    • Joan,
      That male swan is a headcase but I suppose it’s in his DNA, at least he doesn’t hiss just chases, I really don’t like them when they hiss.

  3. How nice to be able to walk around such a beautiful space and watch the bird wars 🙂 There is a park right next to my library that doesn’t have any water, but it is still fascinating to watch the changes through the seasons and the wildlife.

    • Anbolyn,
      I love any patch of greenery in a town or city, essential for mental health really! You’re lucky to have one right next to where you work. I’m now wondering what sort of wildlife you have there.

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