Burns Night

How quickly Burns Night comes around nowadays, as usual it was a quiet one here but we did have the traditional haggis (veggie) neeps and tatties, which looked and tasted exactly like last year’s and as always tasted far better than it looked.

If you want to find out more about Robert Burns have a look here. That link is about one of his most famous songs, Ae Fond Kiss. Burns was one of those men who should have had dangerous to women stamped on his forehead, but as I’ve had experience of a few Nancys in my family I think that Agnes (Nancy) McElhone was probably one of the few women that gave Burns real grief!

There’s a list here of some of his most famous poems/songs and you can hear them being recited as they should be, in a Scottish accent.

4 thoughts on “Burns Night

  1. Nancy must have a different meaning in Scotland…

    Neeps and tatties I love, but the only haggis that I could remotely consider would have to be of the veggie sort.

    The Caledonian society here has Burns Night every year, but we’ve never been. Much as Bud loved Ayrshire, that’s where it ends. Our first last and (likely) only Burns supper was a tourist one on our first visit to Scotland.

    • Pearl,
      It’s just that any actual Nancy that I’ve ever known has been as tough and stubborn as a mule, it’s a mystery to me why effeminate men used to be called Nancys.
      I think that Burns Night is bigger outside Scotland as there are always a lot of homesick Scots wandering the world, and it’s a good excuse for a bit of a booze up!

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