Burying News

I was listening to the radio in the car this afternoon and it was a discussion about yesterday’s Budget. In the course of the chat one commentator came out with the information that it was also the day when Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London was given permission to buy a couple of water cannon for use on London streets against any future demonstrators!! Obviously that day was chosen so that the news would be well and truly buried amongst all the Budget shenanigans.

I can hardly believe that Britain has changed so much that things like that can happen, but apparently it has. Water cannon hit people with such force that it can and does knock their eyes out, break limbs and generally maim human beings. Next time you see that blond mop on the TV don’t think to yourself – ‘ah doesn’t it make you proud to be British, when we can have such an eccentric as London’s mayor‘. Do think that wolves often come in sheep’s clothing! Boris is not a lovable eccentric, he’s downright evil.

In the UK we can’t have spontaneous demonstrations nowadays, you have to get written permission from the authorities to hold any sort of gathering, and you are likely to end up being ‘kettled’ by the police for hours on end. In other words – treated far worse than they would be allowed to treat animals.

It amazes me that the British public in general are so docile, we put up with far more nonsense from our governments than any other nations do. It has always been that way, our governments always want to punish the ‘little’ people, you and me. It’s the reason that rationing went on for years after World War 2. Keep them hungry, keep them down!

If you put on your TV for the news on any day, you will almost certainly see a demonstration in some foreign country about something, usually they want more freedom than they have, but in reality a lot of those people have more freedoms than we have here. They’re free to demonstrate for one thing.

My parents, that generation who ‘fought for freedom’ would be wondering why they bothered, if they had lived to see the Britain of today.

It could be another reason for Scotland going independent, just to disassociate ourselves from the barbarisms of England and London in particular.

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