A Country Walk

path by burn

Are you coming for a walk with me? I’m going to get the Guardian, it might be a good idea to get your wellies on.

Balbirnie burn

There has been quite a lot of rain recently so it’s a wee bit muddy in parts. You can just see a bit of Balbirnie Burn in the photo above.

burn  at Balbirnie

Here’s some more of it, you’ll just have to imagine all the birdsong, there are plenty of them singing away and even woodpeckers hammering, but I haven’t seen any woodpeckers. There are plenty of rabbits around and also grey squirrels but I’ve only seen one deer so far.

Balbirnie burn

Now we’re almost reaching what some folks would call civilisation, the edge of Balbirnie golf course. It seems to be very well used.

trees near Balbirnie

Jack always enjoys watching the play but he has never been tempted to join in, thankfully! You can see from the photo above that we were walking on the rough, everyone seems to be quite happy about that, I wouldn’t like to go across the greens.


Balbirnie Estate is well known locally for its rhododendrons and the photo above shows some early ones, it gets much better later in May. I decided not to bother growing any in the garden because there are such good ones nearby.

Balbirnie estate gates

And here we are, almost at the wee town where we can get the newspaper, it’s about a twenty minute walk for us. The photo above is of a lodge house which originally would have belonged to the Balbirnie Estate, the big gates are always closed now and the road to what is now Balbirnie House Hotel has been redirected, making a bigger entrance.

I hope you enjoyed that breath of fresh Fife air, I must admit, it’s a great way of keeping fit, and the Guardian crossword helps keep our brains sharp – I hope!

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  1. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. I’ve been dying to see what your new countryside looks like. I like it!

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