Another Balbirnie Walk

Woodland path

Right folks it’s time for another walk. We’ve been exploring the Balbirnie Estate, it’s a good place to walk, even for wee ones and some people cycle around too. There are bluebells in the photo above but they aren’t very easy to see.

Balbirnie burn

Then we headed for Balbirnie Burn, sadly I’ve never seen any kids playing in the burn. Playing in my local burn/stream/creek – call it what you will, was always my favourite pastime during the summer when I was wee.


Balbirnie Burn looks very clear but I’ve never seen anything resembling a fish in it, it seems only to be alive with midges, clouds of them.

Balbirnie burn

There are several wee bridges of various designs, this one is close to the golf club. Some are rustic wooden ones and they are perfect for playing poohsticks – I was tempted.

Balbirnie burn

More bluebells which are also in shades of pink, lilac and white. These flowers are pretty enough but they’re nothing compared with the ones I remember from my childhood which were in dark woods and an amazingly bright blue, I wonder if any of those ones still exist.
bluebells at Balbirnie

More Rhododendrons, if you go deeper into the estate there are even more specimens to see and they almost all have name tags, it’s just like being in a botanic gardens. I’ll have photos of those ones soonish.
Balbirnie rhoddies

10 thoughts on “Another Balbirnie Walk

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I can’t even imagine walking in a place so lovely and so close to home. It seems unreal. I loved to play in the creek on my grandparent’s ranch when I was a kid, but I don’t think my cousins let their kids do now.

    • Anbolyn,
      All that health and safety stuff has taken all the fun out of childhood, we used to roam wild, away all day in the school holidays, just like in Enid Blyton books – but without the ginger beer.

  2. I was always wet to my knees when I was a child, too, looking to see what was under the rocks and trying to catch fish with my hands. We don’t, to the best of my knowledge, have natural bluebell forests in the US, but the ones I’ve seen photos of in the UK have always been just the dark blue ones. I love the small streams and bridges at the estate. Lucky you!

    • We have a small park in a nearby community in Poland Ohio that has bluebells that are suppose to be gorgeous in May. I’ve yet to go check them out. I need to make that a priority or I’ll end up moving away without ever doing it. My boys were always in any water they could find to play and loved going to grandma’s in Tennessee because she had creeks everywhere. This generation seems to concerned with the kids getting splinters, or ‘bugs’ from dirty water and won’t let them just be kids. What a rude awakening they will have when they grow up and find out life is tough. A few splinters might help prepare them.

      • Peggy,
        Yes you should write a list of things you want to do before moving as we always ignore what’s on our doorstep as we think we can do it tomorrow. I agree completely, it’s such a shame that kids aren’t allowed to play like that now and most of them really need to be out and about in the fresh air, burning off excess calories!

    • Joan,
      We do feel lucky to be living near such lovely walks although it still feels a bit remote from so called civilisation. I did exactly the same as you although we ‘guddled’ for fish, waiting for a fish to swim above our hands then trying to scoop it out. I never managed it which is just as well, but the water went everywhere so I was often wet through to the knickers!

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