De Kruidhof – Botanische Tuin Fryslan

We had really good weather while we were in the Netherlands, it was that Indian Summer which we often hope for but rarely get, this year it turned up in the Netherlands and Britain.

De Kruidhof

So although it wasn’t quite the best time of the year to visit a botanic garden we decided to visit one anyway. De Kruidhof Botanic Garden was still looking good and it has a great plant nursery attached to it, of course I just had to buy some.

De Kruidhof 2

It must be nice to have a house which backs on to such a lovely botanic garden. Spot who got into the photo above.

De Kruidhof 6

The apple/pear walkway had the most amazing crop of fruit, this is a really beautiful way of growing fruit, if you have plenty of space of course.

De Kruidhof 14

I took lots more photos, but more of those ones sometime later probably. De Kruidhof is a lovely place to visit if you happen to be in that part of the Netherlands.

6 thoughts on “De Kruidhof – Botanische Tuin Fryslan

    • Joan,
      Me too, there aren’t many types of garden which I don’t like although I have to say that I’m not keen on tropical plants when they have been planted in a cold climate. It seems cruel to me and daft to have plants wrapped up in fleece half the year.

    • Stefanie,
      They were having a big fruit harvest day on the 11th and making it all into drinks and pies. I’m hoping to go back there sometime in spring or summer, it must be amazing then.

  1. Katrina,
    Yes, you lucked out with the weather, and that is so good, considering it’s hard to hop over there quickly. I love all the greenery and that lovely lagoon, or shall I say, pool?

    • Judith,
      I think they called it a lily pond, but I always think of ponds as being roundish. Obviously we could have got to the Netherlands a lot quicker if we had flown but you are so restricted for travelling around if you don’t have a car, and you can’t take heavy things like 12 litres of Irn Bru – for my niece!

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