My Snowy Garden

Brrr! This is what I woke up to this morning.


I had somehow managed to forget that the move to the new house, much further away from the River Forth, would mean that we were likely to get much more snow. We did actually drive into Kirkcaldy today and sure enough – there was no snow there!

I’m not mad keen on snow, it’s fine to look out on as long as you have plenty of food in the house, but I hate the thought of having to travel in it. In my ideal world snow would only arrive for Christmas Day and disappear before everybody had to go back to work.

Yesterday I was saying – roll on the winter solstice and now I’m saying – roll on the spring weather. How we wish our lives away!

14 thoughts on “My Snowy Garden

    • Anbolyn,
      I had no idea that you have warm weather in December! For me snow is only nice to look out on, not so great when you have to tackle it to get on with your life.

  1. A nice wee skiff of snow 🙂
    I know what you mean about those solstice dates and wishing the time away. I love the long twilights of summer especially if the weather matches the season. In winter I’ve learned to hunker down and enjoy the extra clothing, lighting and heating requirements. (I used to live in a warmer area.)

    • Valerie,
      I sometimes feel like hibernating in winter, but at least our new house is easy to heat. I do wish I could have a wood burning stove though but it isn’t possible. I love our long twilights too.

  2. Doesn’t a light snow like that delineate your garden nicely? You can see all the features clearly. It gives new perspective.

    I agree with you about snow. It should arrive Christmas Eve and stay pristinely until Just after New Year!

    • Joan,
      It does show up the shapes well but of course the two small square ‘beds’ will be extended in the spring and will probably join up with the bigger beds next to them – when I get more plants!

  3. That’s the trouble with the UK, we want snow because we think it looks pretty, but we cannot function in it.

    I think snow on Chrismas day and then it all gone on the 27th!

  4. After lots of shots of bits of the garden it is lovely to get a view of the garden from above, Katrina. Looking good! I know what you mean about the snow. Great to look at if you don’t have to go out in it!

      • I bought a bag of grit for the steps and path. The steps down to the garden were absolutely lethal the other morning so I had to come down sideyways, hanging on to the railing! The grit is in the garden shed! I must take some indoors so I can use it on the steps!

        • Evee,
          I have a a bag of salt handy in the hall, but if the weather is going to be cold I’ll have to get more, I couldn’t believe how much I used up with just one scattering on the path!

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