The Davis Cup

For various reasons I didn’t get a chance to watch as much of Wimbledon on TV this year as I usually do, for instance we had to travel to Glasgow during one Andy Murray match, and before I knew what was happening – he was out of it. Who expected that? Not me anyway and not the anonymous idiot who bet £50,000 on him to win the tournament.

So today I was glad to be watching Murray playing against Gilles Simon in the Davis Cup. It’s rarely a relaxing pastime watching him play, in fact I reckon it’s not good for the NHS coffers, I’m sure that the Accident and Emergency units must fill up with heart patients.

After much stress (for me anyway) he won, making this the first British team to get so far in the tournament since 1981, which was obviously before he was born.

All very well and good, he was playing for team GB, so why did Sue Barker say in the post match chat that it was going to be great in the next round – England versus Australia. The woman on ITV news the previous evening also called the team England too despite the doubles players being two Scottish brothers – not to mention the coach.

Really they should know better, England is not an acceptable substitute for Great Britain. It’s even worse than those times in the past which I thought we had left behind, when successful people were described as being British, but if they lost they were called Scottish. I wonder how many complaints the BBC had about it? I didn’t bother. I’m fairly sure though that early on in the match some parts of the crowd were chanting England, England. It’s just completely ignorant.

If this had happened the night before the Independence Referendum it would have guaranteed a “YES” vote!

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