The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

We were wandering along a very quiet backstreet of Edinburgh a few weeks ago, searching for a small independent art gallery which had been advertising an exhibition, when we came across The Oxford Bar.

The Oxford Bar

I had always wondered where The Oxford Bar was, it is of course the favourite drinking spot of Rebus, Ian Rankin’s rough but somehow mainly likeable detective. In fact I believe that it’s Ian Rankin’s watering hole too, but we didn’t bother to have a look in to see if he was there. Everyone deserves their pint in peace I think. Or maybe he’s a hauf and a hauf man – a half a pint of beer chased down with a measure of whisky.

You can see some images of inside The Oxford Bar here. It’s a typical old Scottish pub.

2 thoughts on “The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

  1. What fun to just happen upon The Oxford Bar. I definitely would have gone in for a wee dram, just to say I’d done it and to imbibe the atmosphere. I must get back to poor Rebus. Ken and I haven’t read Rankin in a couple of years, I think. Must remedy.

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