Robot Attack!!

When I tried to do some blogging yesterday I only got a message saying that the site had been subject to an “overage” so I was unable to do anything. Having consulted my techy guy – Duncan – it was something he was aware of as all the ‘family’ blogs had been affected by – A ROBOT ATTACK!!

Overnight they had been targetted by various different entities, including Google, with completely legitimate messages, ddos not spam, but for some reason the robots had become incredibly enthusiastic and sent thousands which had ended up bringing us all down.

Oy vey – as they say – we just changed the hosting company to avoid hackers and then get done in by this lot.

Anyway, much blocking and cease and desisting has gone on and hopefully it won’t happen again.

8 thoughts on “Robot Attack!!

  1. I had enormous sympathy for you and Duncan when I encountered the obstacle. This kind of thing makes me as mad as all get out when it happens to me, so Ken and I both send our best. (Ken is my Duncan equivalent.)
    Good grief!
    Best wishes!

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