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Books are still coming into the house faster than I can possibly read them. Even although I don’t work nowadays I still only manage to read at most two books a week, unless I’m on a vintage crime binge and then I can read more. When you consider that most weeks my book ownership is going up by four or so books, you’ll realise that I’m never going to be in a position of having nothing at all to read.

Latest Books

Last week I bought:

The North Wind of Love by Compton Mackenzie
The Casino by Margaret Bonham
The Ladies of Lyndon by Margaret Kennedy
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin

I was under the impression that The North Wind of Love was the beginning of Mackenzie’s ‘Four Winds of Love’ series – but it isn’t.
I’ve never read anything by Margaret Kennedy but I know lots of bloggers love her books so I’m hopeful.
I’ve also never read anything by Margaret Bonham but it’s a Persephone so I think it’ll probably be good.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is pure nostalgia. All of my childhood books were given away by my mother when my back was turned, I think my Rebecca book was a cheap paperback, but I couldn’t resist this hardback from 1903. I love its cover and I’ve just realised that it’s a first edition, not that I’m bothered by such things, and it seems to be dirt cheap on the internet anyway.

Have you read any of these books?

10 thoughts on “Recent Book Purchases

  1. I recently bought a copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as well! An old paperback, in my case. Your post about A Cathedral Courtship got me thinking about it, and how long it’s been since I’ve read it. I also found a nice copy of A Cathedral Courtship, an edition with Penelope’s English Experiences – and an inscription from a previous owner in 1897!

    • Lisa,
      After I wrote that post I realised I also have a Tales of King Arthur book by her too, I think I’m turning into a collector of her old books. That Cathedral Courtship sounds very like mine. I love books with inscriptions in them but I don’t ever write anything in my own books, maybe I should, in pencil. Maybe just my name, date and the place I bought the book.

  2. After not having bought any books for just over a month I ordered a few from the Book Depository over the weekend including The Wedding Group by Elizabeth Taylor – the last Taylor I had left to buy. I haven’t read any of your new arrivals, but they all look great! That cover of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is gorgeous.

    • Anbolyn,
      I think I would have bought that Rebecca book no matter what was inside it as I love the cover. I have quite a few of Elizabeth Taylor books but I haven’t read The Wedding Group.

  3. Of those, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm is the only one I’ve read, and that was when I was a child. It was a favorite book of my mother’s. I love books with what I called ‘illustrated covers’, like your Rebecca. Who needs or wants a dust jacket with a lovely cover like that.

    • Joan,
      I have some lovely old book covers, some of which I will probably never read as they are from the Religious Tract Society!! But I couldn’t resist them.

  4. Katrina,
    I’m so glad you recovered a wonderful, era-appropriate copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Kudos!
    I will be curious to see how you like the Kennedy title. I’ve never heard of her, so my interest is piqued.
    Ken and I must go on a used book store jaunt now that we’re in between the Winter fun season (which never really happened) and decent Spring weather. There’s the Owl and Pen, which is at least a 4-5 hour time commitment, but I think it would be fun because it is a coveted used and rare books destination. I think I can persuade him. Soon, I hope.

    • Judith,
      It’s such a shame that your winter weather was such a let down as I know you love it. A 4-5 hour round trip seems a long way to go to a bookshop it must be really special. I hope you are lucky when you do get there.

  5. I read The Casino last year and loved it — I’m terrible at remembering specific short stories, but I remember loving it and apparently gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I’ve mostly had good luck with all the Persephone short story collections, though I’m terrible at reviewing them.

    And that’s a beautiful copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I’ve never read it but I just might have to keep my eyes out if I find one as beautiful as that.

    • Karen K.
      I don’t think you reviewed The Casino on Books and Chocolate and we’re not friends on Goodreads – I’m sure I failed your question! So far I’ve enjoyed all of the Persephones that I’ve read so I have high hopes.

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