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We’ve been having some decent weather for a change here in Fife. It seemed like we had non stop rain for three months or more, and I really did think that a lot of my plants would have been drowned over the winter, especially as my new garden is mainly heavy clay.

my garden

But by the looks of things just about everything has come through the winter fairly well. I think that within the next few weeks there’ll be quite a difference in the place when all the deciduous shrubs should be in leaf.

my garden

The main thing I want to do this year is finally cut away the last of the turf that I want to get rid of. Then I can concentrate on getting good edges on the flower/shrub beds and then plant some ground cover plants to try to help keep the weeds down. That’s the plan and hope anyway.

Earlier this week I planted some more Dutch iris bulbs, lily bulbs, dwarf daffodils, Alpine wallflowers and some more aubretia.

It’s still a work in progress, like all gardens. It should look good when it all gets going though, the change in our clocks this weekend will give us lots of lovely daylight. Then we’ll just need a bit more warmth!

my garden

6 thoughts on “My Garden

  1. Your garden is looking wonderful! We got snow yesterday 🙁 It’s all mostly gone already but it served as a reminder that in spite of it being spring and having a number of really warm days, it is not garden time just yet. Sigh.

    • Stefanie,
      Thanks. We have a much more gradual rise in our temperature than you have and of course it never gets very hot – 70 F is about as much as we get to if we’re lucky, but 65 F is more usual, especially in recent years. I’m just glad that we aren’t having so much rain now – that could be famous last words!

  2. I’m still amazed by how much you’ve done in your garden in the short time you’ve lived there! I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s clearly worth it. I love the little garden house.

    • Joan,
      I’m really impatient though so I hope that we get some good weather to encourage a lot of growth. Ideally I want all of the fences to be hidden by shrubs and climbers.

  3. Hi, Katrina–
    Just a few days before you posted this piece, I was going to ask how your garden was doing. I’m so glad for the photos. As always you are well ahead of us. Your garden looks beautiful post-winter and all that rain. I’ll always be eager for updates.

    • Judith,
      It has been fairly dry for a few weeks now but of course as it’s a holiday weekend the forecast is for terrible rain. But our clocks change this weekend too so we have an extra hour of light, the plants will love that.

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