Reasons to be Cheerful

Let’s face it, there haven’t been many reasons to be cheerful recently in the UK anyway. But this morning I spotted a red squirrel not far from our house. He was just sitting on the grass by the edge of the woodland. That’s the third red squirrel I’ve seen since we moved to our more rural location in Fife. Or maybe I’ve just been seeing the same one each time. I hope not, they did say on Springwatch that red squirrels are beginning to move back into areas that had been taken over by those pesky US grey squirrels. Apparently it means there must be pine martens around, but I’ve never seen any of those. Of course I didn’t get a photo of the red squirrel.

So as you can see I’m trying hard to see some optimism in the world, not an easy task given the Brexit vote and the fact that the Dutch news channels are calling the UK a banana republic. That’s putting it mildly I think. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the horror of that outcome, especialy as the whole Brexit cmpaign was based on lies, it’s not what I call democracy.

Another reason to be cheerful is the fact that Michael Gove has been well and truly trounced in the Conservative vote for PM. It has long been a puzzle to me that that man isn’t in jail, given his lack of monetary honesty and nasty habit of charging his luxuries to the tax payer. It was no surprise to me at all that he knifed Boris, not that Boris is an awful lot better than Gove.

I’m always happy to spot deer out of a back bedroom window, which I did not long ago. This one was munching away in an abandoned smallholding at the back of our house. I suspect that the deer might be the reason it is abandoned as they can easily just step over the fences. Sorry the photos are a bit grainy. I had to crop them to show up the deer.

Deer 2

Deer 4

Deer 5

8 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. I love the photos! Nature is so soothing. We have so much going on over here politically too that will make the blood boil. Only over here, that Hillary was given a free pass and got off scott free with her crookedness. There is no justice anymore. Back to the deer, breath deep, Peggy, 🙂

    • Peggy,
      I heard that she is just guilty of being silly. Just hold your nose and vote for her, she can’t be nearly as bad as Trump!! He is off his head.

  2. I agree with Peggy Ann, nature is indeed soothing, and I’m so glad you have these precious glimpses from your own home.

  3. Red squirrels and deer – how lovely! And yes, very soothing and very grounding. It helps to know there are some things still remaining untouched by all the political goings on. We were reading a piece in the newspapers not so long ago about grey squirrels being eradicated in parts of Cornwall and the red squirrel being re-introduced. A nice thought – though how they then stop the greys returning from other parts of the county was not explained.

    Still on a squirrel-related note: I saw a prevost’s squirrel here on the road very recently. Do google a picture, Katrina, they’re so pretty. Its fur was so plush – like a cuddly teddy bear! I tracked down where this one may have come from – once I’d got home and googled to find out what it was. It lives on a farm near to where I saw it. I tried called them to no avail, so I emailed with what I’d seen. Never got a response so I hope it’s alright.

    • Sandra,
      I had never even heard of prevost squirrels, it must have escaped from somewhere.
      According to Springwatch grey squirrels aren’t fast enough to avoid pine martens who eat them, so the greys move out when pine martens move in. That gives the red squirrels a chance to move in to the area and the martens find it more difficult to catch the more nimble reds. We definitely have fewer greys coming to the garden than we had just two years ago.

  4. Love the deer.

    Has been a wretched, tragic week here in the US. One more sterling example of the dual justice system here. Clintons truly are Teflon when it comes to the law. Then two more questionable police shootings followed by a massacre of police. Not a good time to be in law enforcement all round.

    • Pearl,
      It seems that the entire world has just gone mad. This crazy referendum outcome has unleashed those vile racists who feel they have been given carte blanche to abuse and attack anyone they don’t like the look of. We’ve been seeing the horrible news from the US and thinking it is just as well there aren’t many guns in our society, I dread to think what it would be like if there were. I hope things calm down on both sides of the pond.
      You don’t have much to choose from in your election, but it seems to me that at least Hillary isn’t crazy.

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