Kenmore in Perthshire, Scotland

On our way back from the Highlands recently we passed through the teeny wee village of Kenmore, I say passed through but when I saw how pretty it was we had to stop. I had no idea that this place even existed and it’s really quite close to where we live, well 60 miles or so from us. Just above the Post Office sign to the right it says Telegraph Office, I’ve never seen that before and I’m glad that it has been left there as it’s part of the building’s history.

Kenmore pano 1

The Kenmore Hotel claims to be the oldest hotel in Scotland. I think we’ll have to go and give it a go sometime.

Kenmore pano 2

Kenmore 7

A one minute walk from the Post Office takes you to the banks of Loch Tay as you can see. Kenmore has a really beautiful setting and is very historic, people have lived in that area for thousands of years and a crannog has been reconstructed on the loch, as they would have been there originally in the Bronze Age.

Kenmore 3

It was beginning to get quite chilly and misty when we were there and we were keen to get home after our Highland jaunt but we’ll be going back there to explore it more thoroughly in the future.

Kenmore pano 3

I’ve wanted to visit a crannog for years so I’ll definitely be going to explore the one below, maybe in the springtime.


Edited to add on 31/3/18

If you’re interested in seeing some more of Kenmore and you enjoy a pipe band, have a look at the You Tube video below. It shows the 2018 River Tay salmon fishing opening ceremony.

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  1. Another link between Scotland and Boston: the first apartment Jack and I had in Boston was on Beacon Street, just outside Kenmore Square. I guess we Americans couldn’t think of any new names. Or we were homesick.

    • Joan,
      I think they must all have been very homesick, especially as a lot of them probably didn’t have much option, it was starve or try life elsewhere – economic migrants.

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