Aviles, Asturias in Spain

The next port of call on our recent cruise was Aviles in the region of Asturias, I must admit I had never heard of Aviles before, but it turned out to be a lovely place with very friendly people, keen to practice their English – phew!

aoldest building 1
Above is the oldest stone building in Aviles, an ancient church, Los Franciscanos.
It’s also very historical with some really old buildings. Like many towns it has had a tough time over the years economically and in the past just about all of the young men had to leave the place to go South America to find work. There’s nothing new under the sun is there?! Thankfully for them it seems to be a thriving place now.

a4 poster 1

The wooden building on stilts is very unusual and ancient, and a kind local directed us to it, just in case we missed seeing it, it reminds me of those medieval store houses you sometimes see in old English towns.

I loved the drinking fountains in the photo below, they’re situated outside the church, presumably they were for pilgrims to refresh themelves, I wouldn’t chance the water now though.

stone fountain

This part of northern Spain apparently gets a lot of rain so most of the balconies have windows behind them but I think they can be opened back like shutters.

Balconies 1

Tiles are a feature of a lot of the buildings in Spain, they look very smart, I wonder if the have to be cleaned or the rain washes them?! As you can see the dress shop below this block of flats is shut – siesta time.
aTiling 1

I particularly liked the building above, very pretty.
aTiling 2

I took such a lot of photos of Aviles that I’ll be doing it in two or three blogposts – more tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Aviles, Asturias in Spain

  1. Loving your photos of Spain! I’m really hoping to get there now that we’re in Germany and it’s so much closer. I also take lots of photos of architecture. I love doors and trellis work and even manhole covers. I look forward to your next post.

    • Karen K,
      I’m always amazed by how easy it is to drive from country to country in Europe – very tempting! You should visit as much of Europe as possible while you can. I’ve admired a fair few manhole covers too.

  2. If I were ever to build on my land in Maine (which I can’t see me ever doing), the house on stilts is what I would want. Minimal disturbance to the land. The other building in your post are very pretty.

    • Stefanie,
      That building is called a horreo and I think it was used for storing grain, to keep it away from mice and rats I suppose. But close up the wood is quite finely carved, it looks quiet fancy for such a utilitarian use. It was closed but I imagine that it is sometimes open to the public.

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