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On Friday morning we decided to go to the morning viewing of the latest Woody Allen film. For me there’s something quite decadent about going to the flicks in daytime, I feel a wee bit guilty about wasting all that daylight I think. Anyway, there were only about thirty other people in the Adam Smith film theatre in Kirkcaldy, which was a definite plus as the more people there are there the more likely there are to be those annoying rustlers who can’t go any length of time without stuffing their face with sweeties.

Cafe Society turned out to be an art deco feast for the eyes and ears, gorgeous settings and costumes as well as the music of the 1930s. There are a few funny forays into the more mundane society of the Bronx in New York and gangsters.

Bobby is in need of a job so makes his way to Hollywood where his Uncle Phil is a hot shot agent to famous film stars. After getting the run around from Phil for a while he’s eventually given work as a bit of a dogsbody around the studios. Phil gives Vonnie his young secretary the task of showing Bobby around town and of course Bobby falls in love with her.

The actual storyline is predictable but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment. It was an eye candy fest of gorgeous clothes and accessories, art deco buildings and cars as well as beautiful trees and planting in the Hollywood gardens.

My only gripe is that the ending was so abrupt. It’s as if Woody Allen just got fed up and said – that’ll do. It was quite disconcerting really. At first I thought that probably he would make a sequel to the film because it seemed so weird an ending but I suppose that was it!

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