Furnished for Murder by Elizabeth Ferrars

Elisabeth Ferrars - Furnished for Murder

Furnished for Murder (Murder Room) by Scottish author Elizabeth Ferrars was first published in 1957.

Meg Jeacock and her husband are finding things difficult financially so they decide to section off part of their house and sublet it. It’s not something they’re very keen on doing but needs must. Meg is surprised when she answers her door to a man who is very determined to rent the place, he has been out of the country and has no references but he is happy to pay three months rent immediately and Meg can’t resist, although she knows her husband won’t be too happy about it.

In fact her husband is convinced that their tenant is a dodgy character and it isn’t long before terrible things begin to happen in the neighbourhood.

I’ve enjoyed all of the books by Ferrars that I’ve read so far and this one was really good. I think she should be better known than she is. I love the very 1950s cover on my old Collins Fontana paperback version of it which as you can see cost all of 2/6 but that was probably quite expensive back in the day. If you ever stumble across any Elizabeth Ferrars books you should give her a go. For some odd reason she was marketed as E.X. Ferrars in the US.

This one counts towards the Read Scotland 2016 Challenge.

5 thoughts on “Furnished for Murder by Elizabeth Ferrars

  1. I agree with you on Elizabeth Ferrars. This one sounds good, I will have to seek it out. I have three more of her books to read (two that Peggy sent me) then I have to go scouting for more.

    • tracybham,
      She’s a good yin – that Peggy! Ferrars wrote an awful lot of books but they never seem to turn up often in secondhand bookshops. I just have one more unread in my house so I’m hoping to stumble across more soon.

  2. Love her books and that copy you have is spectacular? I adore those old paperbacks. I have 3 more on my shelf unread. I’ve had pretty good luck coming across her books.

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