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As usual it was today (Sunday) before I got around to reading the Guardian Review section.

I was particularly interested in this article by Miranda Carter – Dining with death Crime fiction’s long affair with food, about fictional detectives and how food plays a prominent part in the genre. Nero Wolfe, Sherlock Holmes, Poirot. Maigret, Sam Spade, Montalbano … the list goes on. Food was important to them all. Sadly there is no mention of Gamache and the bistro in Louise Penny’s Three Pines series. I do think it’s mainly a male thing though – this lingering on food. The female writers often used food as a means of getting poison into a victim I think. There’s probably a Ph.D thesis in it for someone!

There’s an article about lyrics as literature, inspired by Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for literature. You can read it here. I’m not impressed by the committee’s choice this year – what do you think about it?

The wartime diaries of Astrid Lindgren A World Gone Mad – have just been published. You can read a review of it here.

I must admit that I’ve somehow missed the Pippi Longstocking books completely. I’ve been catching up with the children’s classics that I missed out on as a child recently. Should I read Pippi Longstocking? Advise me please!

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  1. I also missed Pippi Longstocking and have often been curious. I don’t recall my daughter reading it either. For some reason I equate Pippi with Mrs Pepperpot, which is very odd. So I can’t advise you, Katrina, but I’ll follow this thread in case anyone else can advise us both! I’m also drawn to the diary, perhaps when the price comes down!

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