More book purchases

These are the other books that I bought a couple of weekends ago at the annual book sale.

More Books

1. The Monarch of the Glen by Compton Mackenzie
2. Patrick Butler for the Defence by John Dickson Carr
3. Nella Last’s Peace – The post-war diaries of Housewife, 49
4. Sing For Your Supper by Pamela Frankau
5. Cousin Kate by Georgette Heyer
6. The Silent Traveller in London by Chiang Yee
7. The Romanovs by Robert K. Massie
8. Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel

Not a bad haul I think. I’ve already read Bring Up the Bodies of course, as has Jack but he spotted it at the book sale and asked me if I wanted it for our shelves, as we have Wolf Hall. I loved both those books and I can see myself re-reading them at some point in the future, so it was added to my pile.

I loved Chiang Yee’s Traveller in Edinburgh book so decided to buy the London one although it doesn’t have much in the way of illustrations, I’m putting that down to London being a lot less scenic than Edinburgh is!

I loved Robert K. Massie’s book Nicholas and Alexandra so I have high hopes for The Romanovs – The Final Chapter

I’ve enjoyed a couple of Pamela Frankau’s books, Compton Mackenzie’s and the others. I know I’ll love the Nella Last diaries, but I’ll have to get around to reading her wartime diaries soon.

Have you read any of these books?

6 thoughts on “More book purchases

    • Peggy,
      Is this Monarch of the Glen book the one that ALL the TV episodes come from or did he write more books about those characters – do you know?

    • Jennifer,
      I thought I had the first Nella Last book but apparently not. I watched some of The Monarch of the Glen when it was on TV and it was entertaining. We stopped at the location it was filmed last summer, a lovely area in the Highlands.

  1. I think there are only three Nella Last diaries and I’ve read and have all three. I adore Nella! At least the cover of The Silent Traveller in London is pretty. I just bought a Pamela Frankau book, The Willow Cabin, but I haven’t read it yet. I couldn’t finish Wolf Hall and have no interest in Mantel’s books. I may try again, but I don’t have high hopes because I don’t like her writing.

    • Joan,
      A lot of people can’t get on with her writing style and I almost gave up but suddenly it just clicked and I got right into the book. I thought I had the first Nella Last book but don’t seem to have, so I’ve requested it from the library – I know I’m not supposed to be doing that! I read The Willow Cabin not that long ago.

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