My spring garden

Although I say it myself, my garden is looking very colourful at the moment. I especially love the pansies in the photo below, but in reality they look more purple than they are here.

My so-called rockery, which isn’t very rocky – is full of primulas and the aubretia is just beginning to bloom too. There’s always work going on so buckets and tools are likely to be lurking in the background as you can see.



I wasn’t going to bother planting any daffodil bulbs as there are so many wild ones growing around where I live but I couldn’t resist planting some miniature ones.

miniature  daffodils

Below are some of the wild daffodils just outside my back gate.


Or are these ones narcissi, I’m never quite sure? As you can see – some of the trees have really started to green up now, it seemed along time a-coming!



14 thoughts on “My spring garden

  1. Lovely! So bright and cheerful in the sunshine. Spring seems a lot earlier this year down here. Or perhaps it was just particularly late last year!

  2. Waking up to a garden that lovely and colorful would start my day off right! Is that your new chimney pot I see in the background of the first photo? I love the color and the height. Outside your back gate you have another garden?! A wild one, with ‘a host of golden daffodils’? Lucky, lucky you!

    • Joan,
      Yes that is the ‘new’ chimney pot, I’ve since planted it up. The table and chairs are the metal and ‘rattan’ ones we bought recently. It was that semi wild area outside the garden that made us move here.

    • Jennifer,
      Thanks. The garden was just grass when we moved here three years ago and it’s amazing how quickly it began to look like a proper garden.

  3. So pretty! No daffodils blooming here yet, we are still on the early spring flowers – crocus, scilla, specie tulips – soon though! Your garden is filling in so nicely!

    • Stefanie,
      I’ve just discovered that the fruit trees I put in are about to bloom – so fruit this year I hope! It’s to be really cold tonight, maybe frost so I can’t put anything tender out yet.

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