Some 2017 Books

According to Goodreads I read 120 books in 2017, I think I managed 136 in 2016, but it isn’t a race so I’m not bothered about that.

Some highlights for me were:

I completed reading Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Cazalet Chronicles, the last two in 2017 – I should say I devoured them, I loved that series and I imagine I’ll revisit them all in the future.

His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet was another favourite.

The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore was the first book by that author that I had read and I really enjoyed it. Sadly she died earlier this year.

I also discovered E.H. Young and read Chatterton Square and Miss Mole, both very enjoyable.

I got around to reading all of Nella Last’s books – at last and they were right up my street.

Batavia’s Graveyard by Mike Dash was another great read. I hadn’t even heard of the author before.

Journey into the Whirlwind by Evgenia Ginzburg was a fascinating but uncomfortable read about life under Stalin.

I began to work my way through Len Deighton’s books and also John Le Carre’s. I’ll be continuing that project in 2018.

I also began reading R.F. Delderfield’s books for the first time and have recently added three more to my TBR pile.

I also read a lot by D.E. Stevenson and Mary Stewart. They were part of my reading Scottish authors project and I’ll be continuing with that in 2018 too.

I read a lot of the British Library Crime Classics and vintage crime in general

Penelope Lively has become a favourite author and I really loved her Life in the Garden which is a sort of memoir.

I’m now up to date with the Three Pines books written by Louise Penny after reading her latest – Glass Houses. I love visiting that Quebecois village.

It has been a shockingly bad reading year for classics. I’m quite strict with myself when it comes to categorising classics, no doubt others would think I have read a lot of classics as most of the books I’ve read are by long dead authors who happen still to be in print. I’ve only read I, Claudius and Claudius the God by Robert Graves. I can’t decide if E.H. Young and Elizabeth Taylor should count as classic authors, they’re Virago Modern Classics.

I read 38 books by Scottish authors and only 12 non-fiction books apparently – must do better!

I generally don’t do New Year resolutions but I really intend to read Trollope, Dumas, Zola and classic Russian authors in 2018. As they are generally chunksters I doubt if I’ll be reading as many as 120 books in 2018.

6 thoughts on “Some 2017 Books

  1. I love this list and your summary of your reading for the year. I have been thinking that I don’t want to do a 10 best type of list so maybe I can borrow your idea and just talk about a few landmarks in the year.

  2. So glad you enjoyed The Cazalets – I shall revisit them again too. I also discovered R F Delderfield’s books and loved the horseman trilogy. And I’m planning to finally tackle some Trollope in the coming year. Parallel tracks!

    • Sandra,
      I’ll be starting a Delderfield later tonight I suspect, it’s one way of welcoming in the New Year! I think Trollope is far better than Dickens, I’m sure you’ll enjoy his books.

  3. His Bloody Project was one of my favourites this year too. I also enjoyed the first Cazalet book and have the next one lined up to read soon. As for classics, I haven’t read as many as I usually do either, but that should change in 2018 as I’ll be working through my new Classics Club list.

    • Helen,
      I completed my first classics list – and then some and hadn’t got around to writing another list. I’ve rectified that recently and that should encourage me to start working my way through the classics again.

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