Commonplace by Christina Rossetti

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Commonplace by Christina Rossetti is one of the books that I bought at the Christian Aid book sale in Edinburgh back in May. I must admit that until then I had thought that Christina only wrote poetry but this slim volume contains five of her short stories, although the first one is quite long at 60 pages. There’s a foreword by Andrew Motion.

I quite enjoyed the novella Commonplace, she was obviously influenced by Jane Austen and the problems that women had then. I think this one is the best.

The second one, called The Lost Titian, is her imagining the loss of a Titian painting.

The last three short stories I found to be too sentimental, maudlin and heavily saturated in Christian teachings – not my sort of thing at all.

I’ll give this book a 3 on Goodreads I think – and that’s me being quite generous.

2 thoughts on “Commonplace by Christina Rossetti

  1. I also hadn’t realised Christina Rossetti wrote stories as well as poems. I like the sound of the novella, but I don’t think the others would be my sort of thing either.

    • Helen,
      She does seem to have been excessively religious, even for a Victorian, but it was a time of new Christian sects popping up such as the Muscular Christians and the different varieties never seem to be able to get on together, I think that inspired one of the stories.

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