Library haul

Yesterday I went to the library to take back the Elly Griffiths book that I’ve just finished, I still had a couple of weeks before it was due up, but I noticed that somebody had requested it so I knew they would be glad to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

Library Book Haul 1

However, the librarian triumphantly presented me with four books that I had requested. Why is it that they all arrive at the same time? I’m supposed to be concentrating on reading my own books too! I really shouldn’t complain I suppose, especially as two of the books were recently recommended by bloggers that I trust.

Library Book Haul 2

Rosabelle Shaw by D.E. Stevenson
The English Air by D.E. Stevenson
The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor
The Poison Bed by E.C. Fremantle

The D.E. Stevensons had to be dug out of Fife’s Reserve Stock and they’re quite ancient but I’m working my way through all of her books, some of which could be described as comfort reads but often have stories revolving around families, and we all know that families can be problematical, and others deal with wartime problems. Rosabelle Shaw is a historical novel and so far I’m enjoying it. At least I’ll be able to renew those ones if I don’t manage to get them all read on time.

2 thoughts on “Library haul

  1. Hi Katrina,
    I *still* have yet to read a D.E. Stevenson novel, though I have a very long one on my Nook that is waiting for me. I was very curious about The Ashes of London, and was very interested that it’s set in 17th-century London. Excellent reviews as well. Very long at 450+ pages, too. It seems all the books that captivate me lately are over 400 pages.

    I’m still not able to really read. Dang blast it! I had to go to 3 doctors on Monday, because they were all afraid I had shingles in my eye, but luckily I do not!
    It’s my psoriasis that’s flared up all around my left eye and, what’s more of a problem, it’s turned up underneath my eyelid, and the lesion is scratching my eye and causing all this blurriness. I have super-expensive ointment that’s been prescribed. The doctors assure me it will work out.

    Well, in the meantime, I’m bored by not being able to read–our weather is once again super-crazy humid and hot, so no one wants to be outdoors.
    Enough complaints from me!
    I’ve been writing lots of stuff on my laptop, which I’m able to do.

    I want to go see Mama Mia–Ken and I saw the trailer at the movies in June, and it looks to be fun and a scream. Can’t wait to see it. I didn’t see it the first time. Looking very, very worthwhile and fun. Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Rose fr Downton Abbey, Meryl Streep, Cher, and on and on.

    • Judith,
      That’s awful about your eye, I didn’t even realise you could get psoriasis underneath your eyelid, although I know a few people who suffer from it, and sometimes with the arthritis too. I hope the problem clears up quickly. I suppose you could listen to books, it’s not something I ever do mind you. I’ll be waiting until the new Mamma Mia is on TV as Jack just wouldn’t go. I have to admit that I’m already fed up with how often the Cher Fernando song has been on the radio recently. She has been on TV here being interviewed with Andy Garcia too. But if it cheers you up – go for it!
      It’s still warm here but just pleasantly so as there’s almost always a breeze. We had rain overnight but we in Fife have been asked to conserve water as the reservoirs are getting low. It’s to be hotter next week!

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