What have I been watching?

I have to say that the new season of TV programmes have been very entertaining. I’ve been enjoying watching The Bodyguard despite the fact that ten minutes into the first episode I turned to Jack and said – If I had realised this was about terrorism I wouldn’t have started watching it. But it dragged me in and I’m beginning to think that Richard Madden who plays the bodyguard police sergeant David Budd would make a great new James Bond. Well the best Bonds are always Scottish!The Bodyguard
Mind you I tend to watch anything with Keeley Hawes in it too.

I’ve also been watching Vanity Fair. I had a bit of a moan when I saw a trailer for this new version, it doesn’t seem long since it was on TV in another version, but I enjoyed the book and I think that Olivia Cooke is a perfect Becky Sharp. As this one is on ITV we’ve been watching it on catchup, that way we avoid most of the adverts.

The Great British Bake Off is a must watch and although I still miss Mary Berry it’s really the personalities of the bakers who are entertaining so I’m sticking with the show.

I wasn’t sure about watching Press and after watching the first episode I’m still not sure about it. It somehow has a very old-fashioned feel to it, a bit like newspapers would have been like in the Fleet Street days, but I’ll watch the next episode anyway.

The Repair Shop is a very gentle programme featuring talented craftspeople who can restore just about anything that’s broken and damaged it seems – whether it’s an old teddy bear or a Georgian table. People seem to get very emotional when they’re re-united with their treasures. It’s just fascinating watching people work and having so much pride in the end results.

On Saturday evening I watched a film that was only made in 2016 called This Beautiful Fantastic – and I loved it. I believe that the whole film is available on You Tube but you can see a trailer below which will give you an idea of what it’s about.

Have you been watching any of these programmes and is there anything good on now that I’ve missed?

6 thoughts on “What have I been watching?

  1. I am surprised to find myself enjoying the British Bake Off with new people. I wasn’t sure if I liked it during the first episode, but now that I’m on the 5th episode, I’m finding it just as delightful as the original series.

    I’m eager to find a way to watch the Repair Shop and This Beautiful Fantastic, neither of which I knew about. And I don’t think I’ve ever watched a version of Vanity Fair, so thanks for all of the great suggestions!

  2. Oh boy, do we need some new drama programs on here. It feels like we’ve had a dearth. Now you’ve told me that The body guard is about terrorism I might be a bit uncertain about watching it, if it turns up here, but like you I do like Keeley Hawes, so ..

    We did watch Killing Eve recently. I’ve always been int.rigued by Sandra Oh though have never watched those series she’s been in. She was great, but the subject matter was confronting – a sociopathic hitman (hitwoman) – that we nearly stopped watching. It was left up in the air, so whether we’ll watch the next series is questionable. I do like a series (like The bridge, say) to end but clearly with its main stars on the opposite sides of the fence I guess they couldn’t do that.

    We’ve been watching The Split. I love watching Nicola Ryan too. It’s interesting – and a change from crime.

    • Whispering Gums,
      Don’t let the terrorism links put you off watching The Bodyguard.

      I’ve seen trailers for Killing Eve which is just about to be shown here and was rather put off by the subject matter, I’m not sure if I’ll watch it or not. I really liked The Bridge, but I haven’t even heard of The Split – one to look out for, thanks.

  3. I have stuck with Press. Itis weirdly addictive something to do with the nature of media in present times. Like you I am watching Vanity Fair on catch up to whiz through the adverts. I am still not sure about it but persevering.
    I would recommend The Bodyguard to anyone even though it is about terrorism. I think we need to be reminded of the world we live in now perhaps wuth a little bit of poetic licence.

    • Jo,
      I’ve just watched the last Bodyguard, I certainly found it tense. I can imagine that it’ll be up for lots of awards. I’m sticking with Press too. Catch up is brilliant for dodging most if not all of the adverts.

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