The Willow Tearooms, Glasgow

A couple of weeks ago we had to go over to the west of Scotland – all of about 75 miles from us here in the east. We were picking up a table we had bought on Gumtree, but before doing that we had a look at the cathedral – can you believe we had never visited Glasgow Cathedral before? I’ll blog about that visit soon. I’m a bit pushed for time tonight and it’s nearly my bedtime so I give you – The Willow Tearooms in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. While we were waiting for our coffee and cream/jam scones to arrive (we made them Cornish style of course) I took a few photos. Luckily by this time it was getting on for 5 pm so there weren’t many others partaking of a stylish rest and snack.

Willow Tea Rooms Chairs

You have to walk through a gift shop to get into the lower tearoom (which is still upstairs, just not as high up as the other one) and the demi lune chair below is situated there. The woman on the till offered to take a photo of us both on the chair, but that would have hidden the whole shape of it so we politely declined.

Willow Tea Rooms Demi-lune Chair

The upper room is called The Chinese Tearoom, but whenever we go there it’s almost always closed already, maybe we should get there earlier. The loos are up that way though so we were able to take photos of the very different style. I love that vibrant colour.
Chinese Tearoom

Chinese Tearoom

The chair below stands on a mezzanine landing.

C.R. Mackintosh chair

The alcove below shows some of the things available to buy.

The Willow Rearooms alcove

If you want to see some photos from a previous visit have a look at this blogpost that Jack wrote a few years ago.

10 thoughts on “The Willow Tearooms, Glasgow

  1. I love the style of the tea room. That blue in the Chinese room is my favorite ‘bright’ color, which looks turquoise to me in the photos.

    • Joan,
      I love that colour too, it is a sort of turquoise bluey-green. Half the population would probably say green and the other half blue! It’s a very fresh colour I think.

  2. I can picture some of O. Douglas’ characters – Mrs Jackson, perhaps – having tea there in the 1910s.
    Interesting to read in Wikipedia about the connection with The Prince’s Trust and Dumfries House, partners in providing training for the young people who work at The Tea Rooms.
    Just wondering, is the interior noisy, with the uncarpeted floors and glass over the tablecloths?

    • Valerie,
      I always think of all the genteel characters that would have frequented places like this. As ever you’ve done more digging than I did! Very interesting about The Prince’s Trust. We plan to visit Dumfries house later this year.
      No the interior has never been noisy any time we’ve been there, even when it is fairly full. It’s surprising given all the hard surfaces. We’ve never had a problem speaking to each other across the table and I think that the high-backed chairs give a feeling of privacy.

  3. Getting over to the West more often is a wonderful idea. So much to see, and I imagine??, a slightly different culture, perhaps (not sure). Will look forward to photos of Glasgow Cathedral!
    How is your garden right now?

    • Judith,
      There’s a very different atmosphere in the West, much more friendly I think. The garden is coming on well but the last couple of days have been freezing and we’re being blasted by Storm Gareth so I haven’t been doing any gardening. I can’t wait to get stuck into it. I’ll ‘do’ the cathedral tomorrow.

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