Subscriber problems

Sandra and Valerie commented that they hadn’t been getting my blogposts via email as they should do as they’re subscribers. I had a bit of a delve into Pining’s internals and the upshot is – the subscribers list seems to have disappeared while I was on holiday! The only subscription there is Sandra as she had resubscribed. It’s a mystery to me how things like that can happen. Hopefully Duncan has a backup and he can sort it out eventually – when he has time. Meanwhile if you were a subscriber and by some miracle you are checking in here, maybe you could just resubscribe. Technology can be a real pain in the neck.

On another subject – did you read that Hilary Mantel has at last finished the third book in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy, you can read about it here. It’s to be called The Mirror and the Light. I got quite excited by that news as it has been an eight year wait, sadly it isn’t over yet as it won’t be published until March 2020. I don’t suppose it’ll be that long in coming.

4 thoughts on “Subscriber problems

  1. You are right, Katrina, I had not been getting your blogposts via email. Because the last one I saw (I think) was the blog hiatus post, I did not notice. And unfortunately I don’t check my blogroll for newer posts on a consistent basis. Anyway, I did see this today and I have resubscribed and will go back and check earlier posts that I missed.

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