Stockholm, Sweden

When we were on that Baltic cruise back in early May Stockholm was one of the last places we visited. I have to say that it isn’t a place that I had ever yearned to visit, but it turned out to be one of my favourite cities. Of course the sun was shining which always helps, in fact – I was too hot!

Stockholm Bridges
There are lots of great buildings.

Drama Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden
But it wasn’t always obvious what they actually were.

Stockholm building

I really didn’t know too much about Stockholm and had no idea that it is built on a series of islands which are linked by bridges. That’s mainly what makes it so beautiful, it’s lovely to be in a city and to see all sorts of boats right in front of you.

Stockholm waterfront, Sweden

Stockholm,Canal + weir

But there’s plenty of greenery around too.

Stockholm, conifers

The building below is the Riksdag which is I believe their parliament building. What a location!
Rocks , Birds, Riksdag, Stockholm

I have lots more photos, but that’ll do for now. I hope you enjoyed this wee glimpse of Stockholm.

4 thoughts on “Stockholm, Sweden

  1. I visited Stockholm many years ago out of season. Even in dreary weather (no snow) I was charmed and would love to return. I’ve heard it called the Venice of the North and thought I’d check that quickly before adding it here. Only to find there are many places described thus – including Leeds! Who knew!

    • Sandra,
      Well, I’ve never been to Leeds but I bet it’s not as gorgeous as Stockholm. I imagine the water there is canals. I believe Leeds has been done up in recent years so I suppose I should visit – sometime.

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