Trinity by Conn Iggulden

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Trinity by Conn Iggulden is the second book in his Wars of the Roses trilogy and it was published in 2014.

The date is 1454 and King Henry VI is still haunted by a mystery illness which has him in a vacant and sleepy state for months on end, unable to take any part in ruling of his kingdom. Inevitably this has led to those who are close to the throne casting their eyes in that direction. The actual heir to the throne is Henry’s small son and his mother Queen Margaret fears for the future, but she’s no shrinking violet and is determined to keep control of the realm while King Henry is out of commission. Men and families are taking sides, either supporting the King or Richard, Duke of York, who is supposedly the Protector of the Realm. Lancaster or York, which side are you on?

I really loved this one although there is a lot of fighting in it. I was particularly interested in the Battle of St Albans with soldiers crashing through houses and gardens to get to the enemy. It’s a place I haven’t been though and I wonder if they have interesting historical notes carved into the paving stones – as they do in Worcester where fighting went on within that town in a later time of English conflict.

I’m really looking forward to reading the last in this series.

4 thoughts on “Trinity by Conn Iggulden

  1. I haven’t read much historical fiction that goes this far back in time, but I should. Both history and geography are difficult subjects for me. There is so much to learn about history that I get confused.

    • tracybham,
      I think the history in these books is fairly accurate so it’s a painless way of finding out about an era that I really knew little about. His books all have character lists and family trees and that helps.

  2. Katrina,
    I read Stormbird in early 2018, and though I was glad I read it, and though I did learn a good bit, I was not as keen on the balance of battle action to character relationships. I thought it was well done, though. Too much battling. That sounds like I’m criticizing him, but really I’m not.

    • Judith,
      I understand what you’re saying, I sort of felt it was a bit heavy on the battles myself, but on the other hand it is probably fairly accurately depicting what went on at the time. It must be difficult if you are a writer and the King is semi-comatose for years on and off.

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