Gala at Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway

About a month or so ago we were travelling down to the north of England for a few days, just for a change of scene and as usual we stopped off at the couthie wee town of Moffat. We normally have our lunch there and check out the secondhand bookshop. Yes I did buy a few books!

Georgian Hotel, Moffat, Scotland

It was busier than usual but we put that down to it being a Saturday. Just as we parked the car – congratulating ourselves on managing to get a space in the High Street we heard pipers tuning up and realised it was their Gala day.
Pipers and drummers

The wee Border towns have been better at holding on to these old traditions, Moffat choose a ‘shepherd and lass’ each year and they’re in the carriage.

It was impossible to get photos without people in the way but you can also see the lovely cushioned hills in the background, perfect backdrop to any town.
Moffat Pipers and drummers 3

Moffat Gala Day, Horse drawn carriage

Jack took a couple of very short videos while we were there.

Shepherd and Lass Carriages, Moffat

Pipers and Drummers, Moffat

They haven’t got around to putting up a video of the 2019 gala yet but you can see a wee bit of what went on in the 2018 gala if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “Gala at Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway

  1. How lovely to see the photos and videos. Beautiful horse-drawn carriages.
    Can’t think that I’ve seen many horse-drawn vehicles in street-parades here, maybe a brewer’s waggon drawn by massive Clydesdales, plenty in rural Show Grand Parades however.
    “Lolly-scrambles” – I presume they were tossing toffees or similar to the by-standers? – and a pipe-band or silver band marching, and involvement of Guides and schools/pre-schools, and local businesses, and vintage tractors and traction-engines, are features we’d share in common.
    All interesting to see!

    • Valerie,
      We have sweetie scrambles here – toffees , boilings, humbugs and such. I don’t think Health and Safety would allow lollies to be thrown nowadays in case the stick hit someone in the eye!
      One of my d-i-ls runs the local Guides in her village, they’re really popular.

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