River Don at Dyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

When we were in Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland recently we realised that the hotel we were staying in was very close to the River Don and there was a good riverside walk which was easily accessible for us. I love rivers and to me if a town doesn’t have a river going through it then it’s a substandard place. I suppose in reality it just means it’s not such an old settlement though.

The reflections were beautiful. Why is it that reflections look so much more special than the actual thing they’re reflecting?
River Don, Dyce , Aberdeenshire

It wasn’t exactly what you would call busy but some locals were walking their dogs, there were a couple of anglers out in a boat just beyond the beginning of the path, no doubt happy to be away from the disturbance of others using the area. The midges were out in force but weren’t causing us any problems, they mustn’t have been peckish!

River Don, Dyce, Aberdeenshire

It was a beautiful warm evening, the cows on the other side of the river were eating as they usually are – before they toddled off to their nighttime quarters, possibly just into the woodland.

River Don, Dyce,  Aberdeenshire

I said to Jack, I think that’s a bird in that tree or just a plastic bag stuck in it? It’s a bag he said – then the bag soared up and flew down the river to alight in a similar tree. There are advantages to wearing varifocals as I do. Then followed a discussion as to whether it was a heron or an osprey. Heron seemed more likely but when we saw an information board it only mentioned to look out for ospreys.

River Don, birdlife, Aberdeenshire

River Don, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

When we got to this turn in the river we decided to turn back the way we had come as our fish and chips were calling us.
River Don, Dyce, Aberdeenshire

It’s a lovely walk though – if you ever happen to be in the area of Dyce near Aberdeen.

6 thoughts on “River Don at Dyce, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

  1. What an absolutely beautiful and peaceful looking place! Interesting question about reflections….the thought comes to my mind that they are special because of the gloss and shine, but reflections seem one dimensional to me without the depth of whatever they’re reflecting. That’s my profound thought for the year:)

    • Paula,
      Somehow for me there’s always an air of mystery about reflections in water, and then if you get a breath of wind on the surface there’s a lovely shimmering effect.

    • Jennifer,
      Me too, and often these places have had ancient people settling nearby because of the proximity of the water. I know that 5,000 years ago people lived near where we live now and we’re close to quite a small river, or burn as we call it.

  2. What a beautiful place. So peaceful.
    I guess Lancaster avoids falling into your definition of a ‘substandard’ place: we have the Conestoga River, not too far from where we live. Not too far away, but not in Lancaster city, we have the mighty Susquehanna River.

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