It Walks by Night by John Dickson Carr

It Walks by Night cover

It Walks by Night by John Dickson Carr was published in 1930 and it’s the first of his books to be published. As with vintage Penguin crime books it’s short at just 190 pages, but it felt like twice as long for me. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it, the crime takes place very quickly which is always a plus for me and it’s a locked room mystery which I usually enjoy. I can only say that John Dickson Carr’s writing improved over the years.

The setting is a gambling house in Paris where the decapitated body of the Duc de Saligny has been discovered in a room. How did it happen?

I slogged on to the end but didn’t really care who did it or why. I rarely manage to give up on a book when I’ve begun reading it – a habit that I wish I could break!

Maybe you enjoyed this one, if so – do tell.

6 thoughts on “It Walks by Night by John Dickson Carr

  1. Oh, that’s a pity, especially since I’ve got it coming up on my own TBR soon! I’m never too keen on locked room mysteries – they frequently get bogged down in the how and forget to make the characters and motives interesting…

    • FictionFan,
      Well, you might love it. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time. A lot of his books are locked room mysteries and I agree with you about them.

  2. I read this recently for the 1930 Club and thought it was okay but nothing special. It’s the only John Dickson Carr book I’ve read, though, so I’ll be looking for some of his others and hoping I like them better.

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