Duke of Wellington in Glasgow


As you can see the famous statue of the Duke of Wellington on his horse Copenhagen in Glasgow is today sporting an updated version of his more usual traffic cone hat. It’s a very sad day here in Scotland as we leave the European Union, hopefully it won’t be for long.

7 thoughts on “Duke of Wellington in Glasgow

  1. Oh happy day! No longer under the yoke of unelected beaurocrats. Able to negotiate our own trade. Money to spend on ourselves instead of on countries that are unable to manage themselves fiscally.

    Oops but you started the politics 🙂 Forgive my joy and outspokenness.

    • Hamish,
      And here I was thinking you were being facetious! It would seem that you swallowed all the anti-EU propaganda that Johnson was paid bucketloads of money to make up. Who elected Dominic Cummings? and he seems to be running the country now. Any money extra is very unlikely to be spent where it needs to be spent, however everywhere I go has had money provided by the EU spent on good projects, things that Westminster never did. You should go and visit some war graves in Europe, then you’ll see what a bargain the EU was.

      • The political system of the UK is a mess but I wanted out even at that price.  I am not defending the status quo, nor the protagonists.  I do have criticism of those who refuse to accept the democratic vote.  I wanted out on any terms with a view to making the best of it after.  I was a Europhile at one time.  Nonetheless this is a conversation for the pub.

        With respect to Scotland, one of the reasons I retired to Shropshire was to avoid the possibility of a separate Scotland in the EU, run by the SNP (who have their own internal problems).  I was a nationalist with a small ‘m’ at one time.

        By the way I tend to lose my longer replies on your site, which I find frustrating, so please understand my unwillingness to take you and Jack on here.  I may be politically naïve in your eyes but I will not defend that.

        I am a WW2 history buff with many visits to France and Germany so I am quite aware of the price of freedom in terms of people. I don’t see the comparison with leaving the EU.

    • Hamish,
      I’ll charitably assume that your spelling of bureaucrats as beaurocrats was some sort of joke (bore-ocrats.)
      Those European bureaucrats were still under the control of elected members as EU decisions had to be signed off by the respective EU member states’ governments – all of which are democratically elected.
      As for negotiating our own trade. We’ll now be in the position of having to accept terms of trade much less advantageous than those of a large bloc, whose decisions we were able to influence, could ask for. Where is the UK’s clout against that of the US or China? Or the EU for that matter.

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