My garden in Fife

Last week at times in my garden it seemed that spring had really sprung, then the cold wind arrived again towards the end of the week. I have started the job of clearing and tidying up after the winter, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if we got snow at Easter.

spring garden

spring garden

I took the photos below from the guest bedroom window, the evening sun filtering through the gap between us and next door,

spring garden

but fully hitting the woodland at the back of us, my favourite time as it lights up the trees. It shouldn’t be long now before there’s a green haze instead of bare limbs.

spring garden

8 thoughts on “My garden in Fife

  1. You’re garden is so lovely and peaceful looking. You’ve done so much with it since you moved there.

  2. So pretty! Spring is slowly arriving here. No flowers yet, but in the next day or two hopefully. Just returned from a walk around the neighborhood and got to ooh and ahh over a front garden that was covered in blooming crocuses. So nice to see color again!

    • Stefanie,
      We must be about three weeks ahead of you at the moment. My crocuses have been and gone and so have most of the daffodils, it’s the turn of the grape hyacinths now and some tulips are just beginning.

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