Jigsaw puzzle – London

The lastest 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle that we’ve completed in these strange pandemic times is one of London which I really enjoyed doing.

London jigsaw puzzle

There’s a lot of reflection here but you can probably see that it’s the Thames, embankment and the Houses of Parliament and St Stephen’s Tower. Now we’re doing the New York puzzle, so far so good but we’re just completing the edges. I may have to resort to the internet for more puzzles as this one is the last one we have to complete. When I bought them I thought they would do nicely to pass the time on cold and dreary winter days, but obviously then I had no idea we would all be in lockdown and stuck at home. I’m so glad I bought them as there’s only so much reading and TV watching that you can do in any one day.

London jigsaw puzzle

5 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle – London

  1. Katrina,
    I love this London jigsaw! Wish I had it in the house this minute. We keep talking about starting a jigsaw, but since our much belated good spring weather hit, we’re exhausting ourselves outdoors and reading the rest of the time.
    The hot summer weather will bring out the jigsaw I have in storage, a painting created by Will Moses, the grandson of “Grandma Moses,” the American “primitive” painter. Primitive is pejorative, of course. And if only I had her real name handy. I really admire her paintings.

    • Judith,
      Usually jigsaw puzzles are strictly kept for our winter weather, but as we’re in lockdown they have been a good distraction. We’ve had some great weather but the last week has been cold again, the new growth on the acers got frosted so is toast now. I suspect that we won’t get any fruit again this year. There ought to be a law against frost in May! I know and admire Grandma Moses too, but hadn’t heard of Will.

  2. It fascinates me how we work on certain bits after the edge is done. Like a picture emerging! The satisfaction when they are done though is great.

    • Jo,
      It is very satisfying although with this series of city puzzles we’ve been doing we’ve discovered that the edges are really difficult to get right.We’ve had to swap bits around before managing to get them finished.

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