My garden in Fife, Scotland

The yellow rose ‘Golden Showers’ at my front door has started to bloom again. I had intended liberating it from the large tub it lives in, hoping that it might flower for a longer time if it is in the earth, but never got around to it, also I have no idea where I could shoehorn it in!

Rose , Golden Showers, my garden

Golden Showers Rose, my garden

The video is of a bit of my back garden. It’s very short and I did it mainly to capture some of the birdsong that fills the air most of the time.

Bird song video, my garden

I’m not great at recognising birdsong, I’m a bit better at bird spotting, but one day late last week I was sitting reading in the sun room when something brown flew past accompanied by a lot of screeching from the ever present sparrows. When I looked out the window I saw that some sort of raptor was sitting on the grass, it was Jack that realised that it had something in its claws. I suppose we now have one fewer sparrow around the place, slightly upsetting but I tell myself that the kestrel (?) has to eat too. This bird was like a much smaller version of a female sparrowhawk, I suppose it may have been a very young one, but I suspect it was a kestrel – whatever – we hadn’t seen one in the garden before.

Hawk , Kestrel

6 thoughts on “My garden in Fife, Scotland

    • Janet,
      Thanks for those links. If it was a sparrowhawk it must have been quite a youngster I think. The female fully grown birds are much bigger than that bird was, we had one who visited our old garden frequently.

  1. Your garden is looking so beautiful! I remember when you moved in and started it all from scratch. Everything is getting so big and filled in. How satisfying it must be!

    • Stefanie,
      Thanks, it’s amazing how quickly it turned into a proper garden, not just a sea of grass.I have had to take out a couple of trees though as they were getting enormous even after just a few years. So many more birds come into the garden now and they help out with the beasties.

  2. I’m still amazed by how much you’ve done with your property in just a few short years. It’s crammed with gorgeous plants. Clearly, the birds love it!

    • Joan,
      The birds do love it, and so do some cats! I saw one catch a mouse in the undergrowth so I’m happy that the cats see it as a hunting ground as we’re close to woodland. Some of my plants are getting too big and I’ll have to grit my teeth and cut back. The weeds are constant.

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