Aalborg, Denmark

I’ve been looking back at the photos of our Baltic cruise last year and I realised that I hadn’t blogged about our visit to Aalborg which is apparently Denmark’s fourth largest city. It didn’t feel like a city really but it did have plenty of people bustling around and has lots of shops. I liked the building below, so quaint despite being large.

Aalborg Building, Denmark

It’s very clean, I liked the restrained decoration of the building below, it’s a pity that part of it’s inhabited by those golden arches that seem to get everywhere.

Aalborg Building, Denmark

The building below reminds me of an old pipe organ at the top.

Aalborg Building, Denmark

And this one seems Germanic, but they share a border so that’s not surprising.
I love fountains so was happy to sit by this one for a while, and get a bit wet.
Aalborg Building, Denmark

while admiring the house below.
Aalborg Building, Denmark

The pansies looked good, but they always do.
Aalborg Planter, Denmark

Below is a small street which wasn’t far from the city centre but was so peaceful. I think this place would be nice to live in, close to a park and the town.

Courtyard, Aalborg buildings, Baltic cruise

The public loos in a wee park sported some grafitti, but also a thatched roof which helped with the quaintness.
Aalborg Thatched Building, Baltic cruise,

I think that Denmark is called the land of fairy tales, which probably prompted this park of ‘singing’ trees. It’s a good idea, each tree has been planted by a famous singer and generally they are thrilled to come along and plant ‘their’ tree, it’s all good publicity I suppose. There’s a wooden block in front of each tree and you press a button to hear the famous singer’s best hit. Unfortunately none of them worked! I think they were having trouble with the electrics. I believe that Cliff Richard was the first person to be honoured in this way but loads of famous people had followed him.

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

So that was Aalborg, a pleasant place to spend an afternoon and stretch your legs when you’ve been on a ship for days. According to the European Commission the inhabitants of this place are the most satisfied people in Europe with their city. I must admit that I would never go on another cruise, it was bad enough when all you had to worry about was norovirus from people who don’t wash and sanitise their hands as they should, it doesn’t bare thinking about with Covid-19 rampaging. Obviously not everyone feels that way though as I have friends who have bookedup for 2021, expecting that there will be a vaccine by then. Hmmm – I have my doubts.

4 thoughts on “Aalborg, Denmark

  1. What lovely photos! I’ve been to Denmark but not Aalborg, I wish I’d seen more of it. I also went on a cruise this time last year, along the Norwegian coast and it was lovely, but I really love traveling by boat and I managed to pick one that didn’t seem like a big party boat (I think the average age was 70). I never posted any photos but that seems like a good idea during lockdown. I would consider going on another cruise someday but it would definitely depend on the cruise line and the ship.

    • Karen K.

      We went on a Norwegian fjord cruise two years ago, that was our second and we were the youngest people on it by decades I think. So many people seem to go on a cruise when they’re just about on their last legs. A poor old soul had to be helicoptered off to a hospital – and loads of people were filming it on their phones, really horrible for the man and his family! These cruise ships are so smooth it’s no fun, I like a nice rough sea!

  2. Hi Katrina,
    I know exactly what you mean about a vaccine being viable and truly available in time for cruising in 2021. I’m dubious as well!
    But, gosh, the weather you had on this trip. These photos are so beautiful–simply love the architecture! I’m so glad you traveled when you did–how good for both of you.

    • Judith,
      Have they ever managed to get a vaccine for any coronavirus I wonder? As it mutates I have my doubts. We were very lucky with the weather, they get a lot of rain in Scandinavia but we had good weather in all the Baltic ports.

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