Millionaire’s Shortbread – Felicity Cloake’s recipe

It’s a long time since I posted a recipe on Pining, but one day last week Jack said that there was a tin of condensed milk in the cupboard which was coming up to its use by date, he likes to keep track of things like that. Anyway it was a perfect excuse to use it either to make some highly calorific Scottish Tablet or Millionaire’s Shortbread. As I had made and scoffed tablet the week before I opted for the even more calorific recipe. The recipe I use is Felicity Cloake’s from The Guardian, you can see it here.

Millionaire's shortbread , Felicity Cloake

I used a good quality milk chocolate for the topping. This recipe makes a really weighty amount, in fact I weighed the whole thing and it came out at over 3.5 lbs including the tin which isn’t that heavy. I think the whole thing must add up to about 3,000 calories! We don’t have much left now, it’s just far too moreish!

Millionaire's shortbread

4 thoughts on “Millionaire’s Shortbread – Felicity Cloake’s recipe

  1. I love Millionaire’s Shortbread. I don’t make it very often because I have no self-control around it. Yours looks delicious. I don’t know what Scottish Tablet is so I am going to look at that recipe.

    • Jennifer,
      They’re both very dangerous for the waistline but I think it’s going to be a long winter so we might need things like this to cheer us up!

  2. This looks wonderful! I have such a sweet tooth that I have been eating all the Halloween candy and will have nothing left on October 31 (I guess I am assuming there will be very few trick or treaters this year, which is sad).

    I think golden syrup is hard to find in the US but some specialty stores seem to have it. I see that maple syrup is recommended as a substitute but I think that would completely change the flavor.

    • Constance,
      I think you’re right, there won’t be many ‘guisers’ coming around this year.
      I had heard that golden syrup is difficult to find in the US. There’s not a huge amount of syrup in this recipe, compared with the other ingredients so it might not make that much difference, it’ll be edible anyway. I might experiment and use maple syrup the next time and maybe even use a different type of sugar.

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